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    An English teacher.. ;)
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    between yarnz,hooks and books
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  1. so beautiful.. hope she gets well soon.. good job
  2. so0o super gorgeous.. GREAT JOB.. love the colors and the pattern.. ^^
  3. loooooooooove the colors... great job
  4. Aie-Sha

    My Groovyghan

    so0o0o0o0o0o0 beautiful both the one on top and below ^^
  5. i like the colors combination and the pattern as well .. great job
  6. kristie i got it from a friend .. pm me with your e-mail to send it to u ^^
  7. thanx everybody .. you're all soooo encouraging .. breeze .. hehe .. i took it from the quick and cozy afghans magazine .. P.66 the sophisticated swirl
  8. wow .. AMAZING loved the colors and pattern .. great job
  9. so beautiful .. great job
  10. hey howz everybody doin.. its been a long time ever since i crocheted something. so the last period was a crochet-revolutionary period hehe. anyway here are two shawls i made .. the first one is for mom, the pattern was taken from the quick and cozy afghans magazine. and the second is a BD present for my friend .. i used caron one pound and a size 5 hook for both .. i regret not using a size 6 hook .. thanx for lookin
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