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    Im a mom to 2 wonderful daughters, and married to the same great guy since 1977...
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    Scarsdale NY, USA
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    CROCHET of course, reading...oh yes and Im a volunteer firefightress
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    School nurse for about 500 little children
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    so far I have only tackled scarves, a hat and lots of afghans
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    2004, though I was first introduced to knitting and crochet in the early 60s
  1. oh Heather !!! That was it and I just bought one!! Thank you so very very much stay warm and dry Lisa
  2. Thank you all. I found the name of the little booklet Afghan Favorites-7 Patterns-Digest-Size book Im guessing that it is out of print by now. On the back cover of the little booklet is an afghan made with red heart's painted desert yarn. It is a wonderful afghan, and not complicated to make. I would be willint to buy the booklet from any source by now. Thank you again for all ofyour help Lisa
  3. I hadn't thought it would be on a free site, but i will takeyour advice and check there. Thank you so much Lisa
  4. I seem to have lost a small booklet that was probably printed by Coats and Clark, that is probably 10 years old...may be a leisure Arts booklet. There is a pattern inside called Painted Desert. There is also a picture of this pattern on the back cover of this little booklet. If anyone knows of this little booklet, and is willing to sell the booklet to me, or point me in the direction of where I can buy one, please please let me know. I thank you all in advance for anyand all help Lisa
  5. Im seeking a pattern for something I would call a sweater scarf, though that might not be what it really is called. From the back it looks like a long sleeved shrug...its short. From the front it looks like a long sleeved floor length sweater coat. When laid out flat it is about 7 feet long and about 15 inches wide. The sleeves are sewn in. I simply do not have the skill to figure out how to create armholes to make this look right so Im hoping a pattern exists out there for me to follow. Thank you in advance for any and all help Lisa
  6. DebraKay...what is the name of that book? please? thank you
  7. Thank you all for your responses. As I remember it, there were many different techniques used to make it, so I expect that there probably were some long stitches. As I remember the pattern, there were some brilliant vibrant colors in it. Debrakay. Wow! what a stunning book. There is one in there that is close in 'flavor" about half way down the list of pictures. Thank you all again Lisa
  8. Good Afternoon, I am seeking a pattern. It is sometimes on ebay, but I have not seen it in a long time. The colors are spectacular, there are words in the description such as tapestry (thought not tapestry crochet, I believe), artist designed.. It might be southwest in flavor, but not specifically a southwest design. The colors are brilliant, and I think that it might include more skills than just crochet; maybe somr cross stitching or embroidery as well. I thank anyone for looking and helping Lisa
  9. I need a right angle triangle thank you Lisa
  10. ahhh ok - you were probably clear, I wasn't understanding clearly. I will try this.... Magiccrochetfan... My plan is to make several large (12") squares that are half white and half rainbow striped. This is for a baby afghan, so Im hoping to eliminate the holes that come when you have a tradidional granny square. I will take the white half-square and the rainbow stripes and sew them along the long edge to make a 12" square. So, to answer your question, I can make it in rows or in the traditional granny square fashion with a corner...as long as I end up with something that can be sewn together. Gosh - I hope I was clear! ...and thank you again for the help and ideas
  11. oh, thank you. :hugI'd forgotten those, but I was looking for something that was a solid pattern, not in a granny square style... thank you all again for any and all help Lisa
  12. I need to make some half squares, and the traditional half granny (with all those holes) wont do. Does anyone have any suggestions, tips, pattern ideas on how to make a half square that is solid? Thank you in advance for your help
  13. I suppose that if I manage to 'get' a ball winder from Santa, I would start with the outside of the skein and just watch it roll all over my table as I make it into a nice pull-cake. The cats will have a field day!!!! Thank you all for your help and thoughts. Have a wonderful holiday season Lisa
  14. Thank you all for the help. My original reason for asking the question had to do with whether or not to buy a ball winder. Sometimes I find that the pull-skeins do not come out as nicely as I would like, and I then need to spend time in the middle of a row or something to disentangle the yarn. Then my thought was to get a ball winder to make a pull skein into a nicer flat pancake shape ..... but if I did that then the original beginning of my skein would end up as the new end of the 'pancake'. So if there was a nap to the yarn, the ball winder would force me to use the yarn in the "wrong' direction. Im sure all of this is rather silly, but I figured I would ask so I would know. Again thank you all for helping me learn Lisa
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