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  1. I think I will go with a different strap idea. I'm going to try to get some strap material and then put an "adjuster piece" on it so we can tighten it around the headrest of the seat infront of them. Geesh! I have enough old carseats around here that I could probably use the straps off of them! Long live recycling! hehe
  2. Thanks for the great thoughts. I was thinking about just doing a tote, but I was worried about a stretchy handle- so I guess you have helped me with that! I'm still figuring out stitches and know that some directions are stretchier than others and just have not sat down and analyzed the differences. I'm guessing that if I would sc 4 across back and forth for the length of the handle, that would be stretchier than going the length first? I should get all this figured out. I would be a happier "pattern-less" crocheter!!!
  3. I'm trying to find a pattern for a bag that can be used in the car for kids to hang over the seat in front of them to keep their stuff in. I've seen a pattern somewhere for this, but it's been about a year and don't have a clue where it was. If I can't find something specifically for this, do you think a messenger bag would work. I would have to adapt the strap to make it just loop over the headrest. Thanks a bunch!!
  4. I am working on the Maui Shrug right now! I'm having a bit of a hard time understanding a couple of her abbreviations, though. Maybe you have more experience than me and will have an easier time of it. It IS really pretty!! Here's where you can see the pattern: http://crochetme.com/patterns/maui-shrug
  5. Well, the blanket did not get worked on at all today. Boo. My kids kept me hoppin' all day. Tomorrow and Wednesday I work, so my next good chance at finishing it will be Thursday. I did decide to give the hat another try. I think I will just do half the colors, but still the same technique. Maybe the pink, peach, and yellow. I'm off to make yet another hat for this blanket!
  6. Holy Cow!! That is like a new language to me!! Thank you for all the compliments!! To answer the blanket questions... I used two strands throughout. I started with 2 pink, then 1 pink and 1 peach, then 2 peach, then 1 peach and 1 yellow, etc... I did 2 rows of dc for each color section. You could also do 4 rows of each color, then you wouldn't go back through the colors the second time. I used Bernat Super Value since I didn't really know how this was going to turn out. (I didn't want to spend a lot of money on yarn for it to not work out nicely.) It's not super soft like I like blankets to be, but I'm hoping it will soften after I wash it. Does anyone know how this yarn washes - I've never used it. I tried several different ways to make the hat and wasn't happy with the rainbow method. Pooh! I ended up making it pink with a row of yellow then a purple scallop. I should have the blanket finished today, so I'll post another pic of the completed blanket with the hat!
  7. There you go! I've got the pic in this time. I can't figure out how to post a pic without going thru flickr. I was just trying to cut out a few steps and get the pic straight from the pic folder to crochetville. Any suggestions!? Do you have to go thru flickr?
  8. Here is a blanket that I am working on for a girl that works for my dh. I'm half-way finished. I am going to go in reverse for the second half of the blanket so that both ends are pink. Anyhow, I was really excited to do this blanket and am thrilled with how it is turning out. I want to make a newborn hat to go with the blanket, but what do you think about making the hat in the same rainbow pattern? Do you think it would look as nice on a smaller scale? I just can't picture it. I may do a small swatch to see how it would look. If I don't make it a rainbow pattern, I'll probably make it pink and purple. Any thoughts from you guys?
  9. Hi, I have about 200 yds of some wonderful dk weight bamboo yarn. I bought it to knit a lacy capelet, but can't stand the pattern. I worked about 4 inches of it and cannot go any further. Now I'm trying to come up with a crocheted project with it. It is so soft and drapes so beautifully, I really would like to make either a wrap or a shawl. I don't have the paper for it anymore, so I don't know what brand it is so I won't be able to buy anymore skeins. So I have 2 skeins and no idea of what to turn them in to! Any ideas?
  10. I was going to suggest this! Also, another variation on the changing the width of colors throughout the afghan is this: 10 orange, 2 white, 8 orange, 4 white, 6 orange, 6 white, 4 orange, 8 white, 2 orange, 10 white Or whatever you needed to make it long enough. I did this with a scarf and LOVED how it looked! Oh, just thought of this, but you could still add the 2 rows of black inbetween the orange and white!
  11. I started to crochet around the same time that you did. I had a horrible time with chains until about a month ago. Someone recommended to me to chain a few extra and whatever was unnecessary, I could just undo later. That helped me with "running out of" chains. I think the problem you are having is another one that I was having in addition to the other. I was crocheting into one chain more than once. It took me a long time to figure out what part of the chain was the "right" part to put my hook into. I taught myself how to crochet off the internet. I had to find someone (a very patient someone) to show me the right place. Try to find someone who can help you. Or, you could go to youtube and try to find a good demonstration. I just discovered youtube and have learned a whole lot of new knit and crochet techniques. Good luck!!
  12. Marika - I just read both sites that you recommended. I guess the invisible (or mattress) stitch is going to be the way I do it. That way I can lay out the blanket and just get to work. No room for putting the wrong pieces together if they are already placed before I start! RoseRed and Colleen - I agree with you. I don't think it's going to be difficult to join them, but it will be a pain in the rear!! I have three kids and am making a blanket for all of them. The first two I started have to be joined. My son's blanket is going to be a ripple!!! I will check out that other join that you mentioned, Colleen. It sounds pretty...
  13. I am working on this pattern: http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/20060AD.html The pieces have worked up so gloriously fast. Now the joining is going to drive me insane. I have tried whipstitching, but it looks sloppy. I have also used the sc method. It is leaving thousands of tails and is making me insane. (I despise weaving in tails.) Oh, and I have had to undo joins b/c I have put the wrong "ribbon" piece in. Has anyone out there made this afghan and has some magic potion for putting this together in a nice tidy, unconfusing way? Or do I just need to "put my big girl panties on and deal with it"?! Any tips or suggestions would be great!
  14. I don't have any suggestions, I just wanted to lend you an "I completely understand"!!!! I have a large bust that my dh adores, but I also have the spare tire that I DON'T adore! I just got home from a cruise yesterday and had to be creative in hiding the spare tire without covering the bust. I ended up making the sweet pea shawl and used the tails to cover my tire. It took a little bit of remembering to keep the tails in the right place. I ended up tying it, but loose enough that the tie fell below the bustline. Good luck and I really hope you find the perfect "pretty".
  15. Yes, aflute5, the last mention of my "girls" were actually my daughters!! How funny are you!!! I came to my senses about crocheting myself a tankini. I decided to go spend A LOT of money at one of those places that actually do the shopping for you and pick out a suit according to your shape. As long as I didn't look at the price tags, the experience was great. I now have a suit that shouldn't roll up my tummy and settle in under my GIRLS! I do think I will get some yarn and make a cover up. Hmmm. I leave Monday and I am still working on a beautiful Sweet Pea (I only have three shell rows completed!) I work best under pressure, though. I actually finished a shawl on my way to the theater! Instead of cleaning my house, I am going to go check out some coverup patterns! Any yarn suggestions for coverups?
  16. I just had a thought. If I wear a store bikini top, but crochet a open weave tank to wear over it, what would that look like. You can tell me if it is a tacky idea. I'll blame it on being past my bedtime. (yes, I know it is only 10pm here - I have to wake up at 5:30 to get my girls ready for school!)
  17. Hmmm... I have a problem! I am looking for a bathing suit to take on my cruise with me in a few weeks. I have a terrible issue - my body! My "girls" are huge and my hips and waist are about the same size. (just in case I have caused confusion, my girls are my breasts - not really sure what terms I can use here!) That makes it very hard to find a suit that fits everywhere. I thought that maybe my solution would be to make one. How about custom-fit!! I refuse to wear a top that doesn't cover most of my belly, though. I would not be opposed to an open back, however. I have a copy of The Happy Hooker and there is a tank top in there that is really cute. My question is, would that be too much material that would end up hanging off my body? My thoughts were, if the back is open, then there wouldn't be any rolling up that is typical of store tankinis on me. (the "waist" issue) Unsightly crochet hanging and sagging off my body wouldn't be any prettier than a rolled up top! I could go with a one piece, but that really stinks when you gotta go! (potty!) Sooo, would it be ridiculous to try to crochet - and swim! - in a tankini? I just don't know how practical it would be. If you ladies think it would work, can you also give me some yarn and pattern suggestions? Heck! If you know where to buy a tankini that isn't going to roll up to under my "girls", I would rather buy one!!!!!!
  18. Oooh, I didn't even think about that. Aren't you smart!! Thank you, Donna!
  19. I bought the book The Happy Hooker for a pattern I LOVE. Problem is I can't find a color I like in the yarn in the pattern. I tried to substitute a yarn, but it didn't work. I'm still new enough to crocheting that I'm not very good at figuring out which yarns would work nicely in exchange for other yarns. Any tips you guys can dish out for picking a different yarn than a pattern calls for, would be great. However, if you would like to recommend a yarn, that would be even better! The pattern I am going to make is the Sweet Pea Shawl. (I am leaving for a cruise in two weeks and want this really bad for those cooler evenings on the deck!) For those of you that don't have the book, the shawl is made from dtr shells. It is very open and airy. The pattern calls for Classic Elite Flash. The pic is made with Pink Tweed which is a 100% mercerized marled cotton. It calls for a size I hook. I don't know if this much info is needed to pick yarn, but I figured I would cover all my bases. I'm hoping to make this in an olive green color. Oh, the pic of the shawl looks like there is a bit of shine to the yarn. I REALLY like that look. Thanks for any help you guys!
  20. You guys have given me a great start! I am almost embarrassed to admit that I actually had to think really hard about some of the things you were talking about. I'm really still learning the terms (like threads and forums!!!!) Okay, so I know those terms by now! My next goal for today is to find out what TOS, tags, and street teams are! I hope I don't sound too ridiculous. There is just so many new terms to learn in this land of the internet!!
  21. Great thoughts, Everyone! I have been on the etsy site now and realize how huge it is! I had not thought about not being very "visible". Hmmm, how can I promote myself... A blog might not be my best interest because I only get onto the computer a couple of times a week. I guess if I considered it as a "job", maybe I could whittle out a little time eslewhere to fit it in. One more question, though, AmyS stated something about the "OP" - still learning all the virtual lingo! Can someone help me out with that abbreviation? Other than not knowing what that is, your info is good to know since as I said, I am a virtual newbie and need to know all the rules. I don't want to be evicted from any community, virtual or real!!!!!
  22. rcvanilla - the flowers that you did are gorgeous!! I do have a question for you. When you worked the stamen, is it done into the shape that they are in, or do they just sort of "create" their own "shape"? I have to say it again - Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous!!!! Magiccrochetfan - I really like the book by Jenny King that you recommended. I think I would like to get that even if I don't use it for the current project. I have a vase on my china hutch that I keep flowers from my garden in, but since I live in KY there are a few months that I have no flowers to put in it and it has been sitting there waiting for me to buy some seasonal flowers to keep in it while KY has nothing growing. It sits there so sad and empty and it would be so much fun to have little crocheted pieces of me to put in there when my little petaled friends are napping in the winter... Okay, so I'm not a writer and I'm not typically that cheesy!!! But today requires me to be fun and lighthearted!
  23. I have never felted before, but I think that is something to thing about! I didn't know you could cut the piece after you felted it and it not come apart. Sherryzzz, I am definitely going to go check out the website you suggested! Thanks, Ladies!!
  24. Okay, for the link that granny square listed, I think if I make the petals a little rounder and figure out how to get the part that sticks out and gets powder all over you - to stick out further (I'm not good at naming flower parts, but is that called the stamen?) Anyhow, I think I can fudge it with those great starters. I also found some patterns off crochetpatterncentral.com that I am going to try to put the pic on here, but if I don't figure that out, I think I can combine all of them and get a great flower. However, I may be the only one wearing the flower!! We'll see! Okay, I was going to post the pic, but I can't remember how to do it. I remember I had to go thru another site, but I've only done this once and that was before christmas. Amazing how short my memory has become! I am way too young to be this forgetful!
  25. I am still what I consider a newbie to the "virtual world". I hope this is the right place to ask this question and I hope it is appropriate to ask questions about other websites. If it is inappropriate to ask this question here, I apologize in advance! I was wondering about how etsy works. Is it an auction or do you list your sale price? I have searched their website and haven't found any answers much. I like to make pieces that are customized to the receiver and thought that would be a great "business". I was thinking about having a website to do just that, but a friend suggested that might be a bit involved for a gal who isn't very internet savvy! She suggested etsy. She doesn't know anything besides that it is for handcrafted items and she said she thought it might be similiar to ebay. If anyone is familiar with that site, I would love to know your thoughts on it. If anyone else sells their crocheted items and have ideas for me, I would love to hear that, too. I enjoy crocheting and knitting so much that I figured it would be great if I could do more than just make beautiful gifts for my friends. What a great way to spend a day to sit and do something I really enjoy and know that I can feel guilt-free doing it because I would be contributing to our income! Thanks for any ideas!!
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