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  1. That is a very beautiful afghan I'm sure he will love it!
  2. Thank you for the added link. Happy Holidays Sami Jo
  3. Thanks for the reply:) After rereading the pattern, that's what I figured out and went ahead with that. I have the first 3 squares done so far, only have to make the borders on the 4th square. 59 squares to go hehe.
  4. Wow they look awesome. Great Idea and great colors!
  5. I've started the 63 squares afghan yesterday, and I am having a little problem. I'm pretty new to crochet and not sure I understand the pattern correctly. I am working on the first squares in sc. My squares as a total of 25 sc as specified on the pattern. Now when I go to do the edging that's where it doesn't seem to add up to me. Pattern says : Ch1 work 3sc in same corner *work 25 sc evenly spaced across to next corner, work 3 sc in corner, repeat from *2 times more... Now if I do the first 3sc in the first sc, that leaves me 24 sc in that row.. Do I actually follow the SCs, or just try to fit in 25 in there?
  6. Looks like it's this book http://www.amazon.com/Fabulous-Crocheted-Ponchos-Styles-Looks/dp/1579907229
  7. :hifrom Saskatoon. I have a 4 year old, and I mostly do my crochet at night when he is in bed or while he watches a movie I saw for the 100th time .
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