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  1. "Crocheting is like cocaine, 1 try and you've lost half your life to it" - ME I just made it up and I had to share. Pretty true too. ~Crochet Guy
  2. I know how to design and make a pattern, but how does it get written down? What symbols do what? I have a few designs I want to post here but I dont know how. ~Crochet Guy
  3. This is a freeform glove thingy, but not really. Kinda hard to explain, just look at the pictures. http://img228.imageshack.us/img228/7396/handglovethingbottomsd5.png http://img228.imageshack.us/img228/7376/handglovethingtopek1.png I don't really know whats it is usefull for, but it is REALLY comfortable! Made in 2 hours. If anyone likes I'll write down the pattern and post it in the pattern sections. ~Crochet Guy
  4. Manitoba. Im not allowed to say anything more.
  5. Wow, thats allot of replies, well anywho, hello, Ill be sure to stay here for a while and get better with crocheting.
  6. I like it here already, everybody's so friendly! Well, off to go tend my addiction
  7. Wow, looks like is unanimous, I wont get teased here Anyhow, looks like a great, well developed forum, I think I'm gunna like it here.
  8. I hope I stay too Probably the only reason I wont stay is if my internet gets shut down, which is unlikely.
  9. I'm hoping it will be fabulous. And Ill be sure to post it when it's complete.
  10. wow, everybody is so welcoming here. I live in Manitoba so it is cold, im am working on a scarf for winter, also a sweater, and a hat, and gloves. I hope I enjoy it here, I think I will though, it seams like a forum I could enjoy.
  11. Ok, thanks for your help, but I got it to work. I stretched it, now its strait And it is nice yarn, I'm going for a chocolate feel. I think the file is so large because my digital camera sucks.
  12. Ok, so Im making a blanket for my brother for Christmas, I've only got a little bit done, and I thought it was going good...Until now...*DUN*,*DUN*,*DUN*.......... Ya see, its really wavy I don't know why, im not trying to make it wavy, and I've never had a problem like this before, anybody have any ideas on why it would do this? Link to picture (really big file size, sorry) Oh, in case you need to know im using a single stitch and it's 70 chains wide. ~Crochet Guy
  13. If this forum is half as addicting as crocheting is, I'll be addicted in no time!
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