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  1. I am finally doing a pair of socks. I am using the sock yarn & pattern book that Nicole had given me from the kit swap. I am doing the pattern Berries from the book You Can Crochet Socks.
  2. I am going to change my project to socks.
  3. Busy-Bee-LMT, Your package is on it's away. You should get it tomorrow.
  4. I sent my survey in a few minutes after 5pm EST. I hope she will let me join. My internet was giving me issues. My internet had all day to give me issues and it had to pick the moment after I talked to my husband about the swap to have issues. I have been living for this swap all year long.
  5. Woo hoo can't wait. I had fun with HIJ this year. You might want to put Holiday RAOK because I thought it was the actual Holiday Swap.
  6. I will have a list in the first post put in order of signups saying who is working on what. If the pattern you are working on is available on the internet please include a link in your post and I will include the link in post 1.
  7. Very pretty I love the color of yarn that you picked.
  8. GORGEOUS Your friend sure is lucky.
  9. I am wanting to make myself the Two Tone Eight Pocket Tote from Lion Brand. I will be starting my tote after I am done with the Snowflake Swap.
  10. Notice how we all spend time crocheting for others but never make anything for ourselves? So I thought a 'Make Something For YOU CAL' would make sense. Just post the project you want to make for yourself and post when you start the project. We of course want to see finished pictures. Naturally you can do more than one project for yourself. The projects can be or Jempast- Socks Darski- Cabled Sweater Needle Arts- Sweater teakaycee - Sweater
  11. GORGEOUS That is incredible it took you 35 to finally make a scarf. That was the very first thing I crocheted was a scarf.
  12. Thank you for asking this. I have been wondering the same thing. The only thing I can think of is it would be good to teach kids what kind of food it is?
  13. I have also decided to work on another afghan to represent my exercise habits. I will be doing the Blood, Sweat & Tears afghan to chart my exercise habits. Each teardrop will represent 10 minutes of exercise. At least this way I will have a blanket that can chart my exercise habit and a blanket that charts my weight loss.
  14. All of those weeks I weighed the scale was way off. Since the scale was on the carpet. I thought it was too good to be true I lost that much weight. Anyway I have been on Weight Watchers now for 6 weeks. I lost 8 pounds in that time. My 6th week was the first time I gained which was .2 pounds. I still have 100 pounds to loose. I need to catch up on my afghan.
  15. I PM'ed you I will take Georgia. I can mail the ornament tomorrow.
  16. Congratulations Janet. You deserve it!
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