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  1. I'm debating whether to jump into the swap myself or not.....should I? Shouldn't I??


    How about this -- if you would like to partner with me, send me a PM message. if I hear from anyone, i will sign up. And if I get multiple messages, I will put the names in a hat and my son Josh will pick my partner for me.


    The only stipulation I have is that I need to be partnered with someone who is not allergic to cats or dogs. I have both. They aren't normally around my yarn or swap packages.....but just in case. I don't want to make someone miserable in case a stray cat hair finds it's way into the box.


    I pm'ed you.

  2. I sent my survey in a few minutes after 5pm EST. I hope she will let me join. My internet was giving me issues. My internet had all day to give me issues and it had to pick the moment after I talked to my husband about the swap to have issues. I have been living for this swap all year long.

  3. Notice how we all spend time crocheting for others but never make anything for ourselves? So I thought a 'Make Something For YOU CAL' would make sense.


    Just post the project you want to make for yourself and post when you start the project. We of course want to see finished pictures.


    Naturally you can do more than one project for yourself. The projects can be :crocheting or :knit

    Jempast- Socks

    Darski- Cabled Sweater

    Needle Arts- Sweater

    teakaycee - Sweater

  4. All of those weeks I weighed the scale was way off. Since the scale was on the carpet. I thought it was too good to be true I lost that much weight. Anyway I have been on Weight Watchers now for 6 weeks. I lost 8 pounds in that time. My 6th week was the first time I gained which was .2 pounds.


    I still have 100 pounds to loose. I need to catch up on my afghan.:thair

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