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    How Do I Spin Human Hair?

    My husband noticed all of my hair I pulled of my hair brush. He said he would wear a scarf made from my hair. He heard me talking about spinning in the past. So how do I go about spinning human hair?
  2. I was wondering if one was faster than the other or the same crocheting tight vs. loose. I crochet tight but it seems to go really slow. I hate crocheting loosely because it looks to sloppy to me. Is there a difference in the speed between crocheting loosely or tightly?
  3. I have seen all of these beautiful afghans on here. I was just wondering how long does it usually take you to finish an afghan. I know it also depends on how complex and how much time you have. I was just curious how long it takes you to finish an afghan.
  4. I was just wondering how long can you crochet for at a time before taking a break. I can probably crochet for 90 minutes maybe 2 hours before having to take about an hour break. I was just wondering how long everyone else crochet at a time. How long is your break until you pick up your project again?
  5. I would have to say my aluminum Susan Bates I 5.5mm hook. Since I use it the most. What about you?
  6. I was just wondering what movies you liked to watch while crocheting. I like to watch: The Wizard of Oz John Wayne movies The Simpsons Movie South Park Bigger, Longer & Un-Cut The Movie and anything else I have all ready seen before.
  7. I was just sitting here thinking about how many hooks do I own. I wondered about everyone else on the ville how many hooks do you own? I have around 30 hooks (if not more)
  8. Which do you prefer to do crochet in the rounds or rows? I prefer working rows.
  9. Jempast

    What is freeform?

    I am new to crocheting and was just wondering what is freeform?
  10. Jempast

    Make Something For YOU CAL

    Notice how we all spend time crocheting for others but never make anything for ourselves? So I thought a 'Make Something For YOU CAL' would make sense. Just post the project you want to make for yourself and post when you start the project. We of course want to see finished pictures. Naturally you can do more than one project for yourself. The projects can be or Jempast- Socks Darski- Cabled Sweater Needle Arts- Sweater teakaycee - Sweater
  11. An episode from season 5 of the brady bunch called welcome aboard Carol's nephew Oliver gets his foot caught in her yarn and unravels some of her pink afghan and carol is yelling no oliver no oliver not my afghan. She holds up what is left of her afghan and looks like she is about to cry.
  12. My monthly crochet/knitting group which is arranged by my library met last night. We are making squares for Warm Up America. The squares need to be exactly 6" x 6". It can be any pattern. I would appreciate it if you could send me a square or how ever many squares you want to. Next month we will be stitching all of the squares together to donate the afghans for Warm Up America. If you are interested in sending me 6" x 6" squares please either PM or email me for my address. The squares need to be made out of DK weight yarn (size 3 on the label) and to be 6" x 6". You can do what ever pattern and use what ever colors/brand you want so long as the square is made in DK weight yarn (size 3 on the label) and is 6" x 6". If you are interested in helping me get these squares together for my group I meet with them October 29th so I need any squares you are willing to donate by October 28th. Thank you in advance for your help!
  13. Jempast

    Kick Up Your Heels--SOCK CAL

    I am finally doing a pair of socks. I am using the sock yarn & pattern book that Nicole had given me from the kit swap. I am doing the pattern Berries from the book You Can Crochet Socks.
  14. Jempast

    Favorite color swap -- Swapping!!!

    I pm'ed you.
  15. Jempast

    Make Something For YOU CAL

    I am going to change my project to socks.
  16. Jempast

    The Snowing has come to a halt------SWAP COMPLETE

    Busy-Bee-LMT, Your package is on it's away. You should get it tomorrow.
  17. Jempast

    Pink Baby afghan

    Very pretty.
  18. Jempast

    Favorite color swap -- Swapping!!!

    I sent my survey in a few minutes after 5pm EST. I hope she will let me join. My internet was giving me issues. My internet had all day to give me issues and it had to pick the moment after I talked to my husband about the swap to have issues. I have been living for this swap all year long.
  19. Jempast

    The Holiday Gift Exchange will be starting Nov 1st

    Woo hoo can't wait. I had fun with HIJ this year. You might want to put Holiday RAOK because I thought it was the actual Holiday Swap.
  20. Jempast

    Make Something For YOU CAL

    Welcome teakaycee.
  21. Jempast

    Make Something For YOU CAL

    I will have a list in the first post put in order of signups saying who is working on what. If the pattern you are working on is available on the internet please include a link in your post and I will include the link in post 1.
  22. Jempast

    Make Something For YOU CAL

    Welcome Darski & Needle Arts.
  23. Jempast

    Spiral Scrubbie

    Very pretty I love the color of yarn that you picked.
  24. Jempast

    My winter doily ;)

    GORGEOUS Your friend sure is lucky.
  25. Jempast

    Make Something For YOU CAL

    I am wanting to make myself the Two Tone Eight Pocket Tote from Lion Brand. I will be starting my tote after I am done with the Snowflake Swap.