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  1. The kindest most amazing thing happened at my weight watchers. I went back today for the second and last time I'm determined to make lifetime membership. The same group louder was still doing the groups. She was happy I was back. She talked with me before and after the meeting. At the beginning of the meeting I told her I was going to crochet the weight watchers mascot Hungry and put him on my desk. She loved the idea. At the end of the meeting after every one else left we got to talking again about Hungry. She offered me $4 for the yarn. She wanted me to be able to get 2 skeins of yarn for Hungry. I was touched. She wants to see next Thursday my progress on Hungry. I just had to share this. She even got the money out of her own wallet. I didn't mention this to her but I had been wondering how I would afford Lion Brand Fun Fur yarn. Since Hungry is a orange fuzzy monster. She solved my problem.
  2. Jempast

    Cotton Candy Round Ripple

    That's beautiful and what a lucky baby to get such a beautiful gift.
  3. Smart move putting the hooks away by removing the temptation.
  4. Swaps are suppost to be fun. You could always do the quicker pattern and then put the more time consuming one aside and do it for someone else. So you won't feel rushed.
  5. Jempast

    My Monthly Scarf

    Since Tampa Doll & Elle have the beginning of the month taken for the bag & shawl. I will mail by scarf each month during the 3rd week of each month. So next week my first scarf will go out. I will post a picture later to show the first scarf that will go out.
  6. When ever I get an address of a ville member like from a swap or RAOK I take the address and put it in a spreadsheet called cville members address. In the first column goes their username then the next column is their first and last name, the 3rd column is the city, 4th column is the city, the 5th is their state, and the 6th is their zip code and in the 7th is country. It's just an idea I came up with to make organizing the addresses easier. For those who use google email you can do spreadsheets there. When ever I send a scarf to someone I will put in the 8th column which scarf I sent and for the 9th column put when it was sent.
  7. It will be probably next Tuesday or Wednesday when I post the picture. I probably won't get the yarn until Monday. I can at least practice making him with some yarn I do have.
  8. Jempast

    The Snowing has come to a halt------SWAP COMPLETE

    Great idea, thanks!
  9. Well the art festival I have been working on for months is next saturday and sunday. We set up the booth along with the other sellers on next Friday the 18th. I will be sure and take pictures of my booth. So I can share them here. I am freaking out my art festival is next weekend. I am sure everyone on here will be glad when my art festival is over I am sure you ladies & guys are sick of hearing about it. I am sick of worrying how I will do. Can't wait for it to be over. At least I have an entire year to get ready for next year.
  10. Jempast

    My art festival is next weekend!

    And of course I will post my results if I win either Best in the Show, 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. I am aiming for best in the show. Normally, I would not have my goal set so high but I am great at crocheting. I might not be good at nothing else but I am a great crocheter.
  11. Jempast

    My art festival is next weekend!

    I hope you can make. It should be a lot of fun.
  12. Jempast

    Why did you start crocheting

    I am the type of person who can not have my hands still. I tried cross stitch which is way to slow as in progress for me. So I thought that crochet would be great to do while watching TV and it is pretty much instant gratification compared to cross stitch. Also if my hands are busy I don't want to eat.
  13. Jempast

    My Monthly Scarf

    I am working on this month's scarf right now. That would be great if you could visit each month. Even if you did see the scarf would never guess which one it is I always have several I work on. As for the box I have a ton of empty boxes different shapes and sizes.
  14. Jempast

    Done Before They Got Back... ;-)

    That's a sweet thing to do. It is beautiful. I am sure he will love it.
  15. Jempast

    My Monthly Scarf

    I am going to be a bit more of a than Tampa Doll is with her totes each month. You ladies all know how she uses the same type of box each month. So if you get the tote you will recognize the box. Well I am going to use what ever box / bubble envelope I have on hand that the scarf will fit in.
  16. Jempast

    My Monthly Scarf

    That's what happens to me every time Mary Jo (Tampa Doll) sends out her monthly tote.
  17. Jempast

    5 Bassinet Purses

    very pretty
  18. Well I get to start crocheting on mama24boyz's items next week. I will be working on your items while at my art festival! It will be a great way to attract people to my booth!
  19. Jempast

    The Snowing has come to a halt------SWAP COMPLETE

    I can't believe no one else has signed up. Come on people sign up!!!
  20. Congrats Elise. The apples are beautiful I love the sliced one. It's my favorite!
  21. I am wanting to trade paperback book Crochet Patterns for Dummies (there are some really great patterns in here) and my 2 issues of Crochet World June 2009 & August 2009 for the book Learn To Knit the one where it has square patterns. It can be used. I really need this book. Please PM or Email me if interested in trading. We each pay our own shipping. So in exchange for me getting the Learn To Knit please click on the link to make sure that is the copy you have to trade. You will get: Crochet Patterns For Dummies book Crochet World June 2009 issue Crochet World August 2009 issue Please email or PM me if interested in trading.
  22. Jempast

    Afghans I have made over the years

    All of those are beautiful!
  23. Jempast

    #10 thread baby bonnet

    That is beautiful. That will look so cute on a little girl. Thanks for giving us the link to the pattern. I'll have to add it my queue on Ravelry.
  24. Jempast

    Getting Ready for the Bazaar...

    Sunday night I finished up several Christmas Wreath ornaments.