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  1. That's a sweet thing to do. It is beautiful. I am sure he will love it.
  2. I am going to be a bit more of a than Tampa Doll is with her totes each month. You ladies all know how she uses the same type of box each month. So if you get the tote you will recognize the box. Well I am going to use what ever box / bubble envelope I have on hand that the scarf will fit in.
  3. That's what happens to me every time Mary Jo (Tampa Doll) sends out her monthly tote.
  4. Well I get to start crocheting on mama24boyz's items next week. I will be working on your items while at my art festival! It will be a great way to attract people to my booth!
  5. I can't believe no one else has signed up. Come on people sign up!!!
  6. Congrats Elise. The apples are beautiful I love the sliced one. It's my favorite!
  7. When ever I get an address of a ville member like from a swap or RAOK I take the address and put it in a spreadsheet called cville members address. In the first column goes their username then the next column is their first and last name, the 3rd column is the city, 4th column is the city, the 5th is their state, and the 6th is their zip code and in the 7th is country. It's just an idea I came up with to make organizing the addresses easier. For those who use google email you can do spreadsheets there. When ever I send a scarf to someone I will put in the 8th column which scarf I sent and for the 9th column put when it was sent.
  8. Since Tampa Doll & Elle have the beginning of the month taken for the bag & shawl. I will mail by scarf each month during the 3rd week of each month. So next week my first scarf will go out. I will post a picture later to show the first scarf that will go out.
  9. That is beautiful. That will look so cute on a little girl. Thanks for giving us the link to the pattern. I'll have to add it my queue on Ravelry.
  10. Sunday night I finished up several Christmas Wreath ornaments.
  11. Those are cute. My kittens would probably love those. Thanks for sharing the pattern!
  12. Those are beautiful! They look comfortable and warm.
  13. Those are very pretty my favorite is the pink one and the striped one underneath.
  14. That is beautiful. I can imagine how thrilled you were when your dad found it.
  15. great case and thanks for sharing the link
  16. that is very cool and creative. I LOVE it. Great job. TFS!!
  17. Well, I am finally going back to Weight Watchers on Thursday. This will be my second & last time joining. I am determined to get lifetime membership.
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