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  1. She is the type that does not want to take up my time and supplies. She also does not want to add any pressure on me. I Know if I made her something in the end she would be glad I did.
  2. My husband (35 years old) is a cancer survivor. He was a patient at the Hope Center in Cartersville, GA. HE has a wonderful cancer doctor. I am wanting to crochet caps and scarves for the men and women who are patients and that are taking chemo (my husband took chemo). If you would like to help me by making caps and scarves to give to the patients I would appreciate it. I am going to check with the doctor's office tomorrow to make sure this would be all right. If you would be interested in helping me please email me at jempast@gmail.com I will update the post tomorrow once I hear from the doctor's office. I would like to be able to take a dozen scarves and caps each week to the doctor's office. I thought that by doing this I could be giving cancer patients the will to keep fighting and to show that there are people out there who do care about them and what they are going through.
  3. I Have an extra size K green aluminum hook by Boye for trade. I will trade my k hook for any hook I don't have. I want for the hook to be in aluminum made by Boye. I Have the following size hooks D,E,H,I,J,K,N by Boye. I am really wanting hooks size F & G in aluminum by Boye. I also need P & Q hooks. It's fine if the P & Q hooks are plastic or bamboo. So if you are needing a size K hook and want to trade please email me at jempast@gmail.com Hope to hear from you soon.
  4. My mom loves home made things. she always has i asked her what would she want me to crochet her and she doesn't want me to do anything. what should i do? i just can't figure out why she would not want anything crocheted. i am crocheting things to sell at church and the money made goes to the church. she said she would rather me crochet items for church. so should i crochet her something. if i crocheted her something it would be her christmas gift.
  5. I am wanting to buy Super Super bulky yarn for an afghan and only find super bulky. i have checked hobby lobby and wal-mart.
  6. That is pretty. Was it hard to make?
  7. Has anyone on here used the google blog service?
  8. Once I learned how to crochet and completed several projects I decided to start learning how to knit. So I was wondering do you also knit?
  9. I Can't Believe I'm Crocheting in Motion DVD I was 25 (I learned end of 2007)
  10. I live in Cartersville (Bartow County)
  11. I would like to meet crocheters in my area. Anyone on here that lives in Cartersville, GA or Bartow County area?
  12. I am wanting to crochet a doily that is easy. This would be my first doily and my 2nd project crocheting in the round. i am not very confident about crocheting in the round. i am afraid of messing up and the doily not looking right. any help would be appreciated thanks.
  13. I am wanting to make a bag to hold my crochet & knitting items. Does anyone know where I can find a pattern for a beginner level? Thanks in advance.
  14. Jempast

    Chain of Hearts

    That is very beautiful.
  15. That is very pretty. Where did you get the pattern?
  16. I thought about afghans but my only draw back is my dad and step dad are hot natured. My step dad wears shorts in December and walks around bare foot. My dad hardly ever wears long sleeves. So I am not sure about doing an afghan.
  17. I am new to crocheting and I am wanting to crochet something for my dad and step dad for christmas. I am not sure what to crochet for them. My dad loves fishing and my step-dad loves the Georgia Bulldogs. I am new to crocheting. i have completed one project a scarf. I am working on two afghans and halfway through another scarf. just to give you an idea of the skill level i am on for now. It is so easy to figure out what i Want to crochet my mom and step mom. But I have no idea what to do for my dad and step-dad. I am open for any suggestions. Thanks in advance!!!
  18. For those of you that are new to crocheting how long does it take you to crochet an afghan?
  19. I actually wrote down today a list of people I would be giving gifts to for Christmas and what I would make them. I started working about five days ago on an Afghan for my younger brother for Christmas. I was surprised when he wanted one. My dad freezes my brother and step-mom since he doesn't turn the heat up very high. When i told my step-mom i was crocheting my first afghan i was very surprised & so was my husband when my brother said he wanted an afghan. I mentioned i was working on a dark purple and he was like forget it. Then i told him i would do a blue one for him. So I am making a blue afghan for my 14 year old brother.
  20. I am wanting to crochet a purse that is on a beginner level. so far I Have only completed one project a scarf. The purse pattern needs to be pretty simple.
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