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  1. Jempast

    C’ville October 2009 Tote

    Tomorrow I am going to my weight watchers meeting and my husband is staying home I told him if I get a package from Mary Jo you BETTER text me saying I'm a Bag Lady.
  2. Jempast

    Kick Up Your Heels--SOCK CAL

    Very very pretty Nicole. They look warm & comfy.
  3. Yes it's good. That's how I learned to knit. Give it a try. I had bought my copy at Hobby Lobby using the 40% off coupon. It was worth it. You learn everything you need to know about knitting from that DVD. They even have several stitch along projects. Give it a try you won't be sorry.
  4. Jempast

    Plastic Canvas Happy Birthday

    After seeing your gorgeous project I decided that I am going to take up plastic canvas again. Thanks for the inspiration.
  5. October's potholder is cute. Perfect for halloween.
  6. Jempast

    Christmas 2009?!

    GORGEOUS! What pattern are you using?
  7. Jempast

    In October I will

    It's been getting chilly here too. For once I am glad to have so many afghan to work on. I thought at least they will keep me warm as I work on them.
  8. Jempast

    In October I will

    In October I Will: 1. Finish 2 Barrel Bag Purses 1 Finished 2. Stay caught up on my weight loss afghan 3. Finish a sweater for my dog 50% done 4. Start & Finish 4 Stripes for Charity 5. Start & Finish 8 Pocket Tote
  9. Jempast

    RR for DH Finished

  10. Jempast

    Plastic Canvas Happy Birthday

  11. Jempast

    Now That's Scary!!!!

    That is pretty and what a perfect decoration and perfect blanket to use during october.
  12. Jempast

    Video on Spiral Scrubbie

    For a long time I wanted to make one. About 2 weeks ago I found the video on you tube and I was able to make one!
  13. Jempast

    Filet Afghan

  14. Jempast

    HUGE Granny Scrapgan

    Did you use the traditional 4 round granny squares?
  15. Jempast

    HUGE Granny Scrapgan

    GORGEOUS, it was worth all of the work. I think your cat agrees.
  16. Jempast

    Blue Laptop Case

    very pretty
  17. Jempast

    Sunshine Medley Doily

  18. Jempast

    Sweetheart Ripple Afghan CAL

    I just started this afghan yesterday. So I will join this cal. I have to have my afghan done by October 9th. It's a gift for my old 3rd & 5th grade teacher. I had the same those 2 years. I am now 27 and will be seeing her on the 9th for the first time in over 10 years so I wanted to make something for her since she was stuck having me as a student for 2 years. She was one of my favorite teachers.
  19. I am needing 2 skeins of bright orange eye lash yarn. I can trade my 2 crochet world magazines June 2009 & October 2009. The magazines are in like new condition. We each pay our own shipping. Please either PM or email me if interested in trading.
  20. Jempast

    Colourful blocks

    Those are beautiful and perfect kids toys.
  21. Jempast

    Brown RR using scraps

  22. Jempast

    Sweetheart Ripple

    GORGEOUS! That must have made all of the time it took making it worth it when she asked if it was really hers to take home. She is lucky to have such a wonderful gift.
  23. Jempast

    C’ville October 2009 Tote

    My favorite starburst have always been yellow & orange.