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  1. I should be receiving my package from mama24boyz either today or tomorrow.
  2. This morning I had a real bad vertigo attack. I was riding to my weight watchers meeting on county transportation and threw up. Luckily my husband was with me. I told him before I left I don't feel good you need to come with me. So he did. Anyway a friend of mine from weight watchers came over to me and said she remembered how I said I wanted to start back doing plastic canvas and she had went to yard sales this weekend and got me a bunch of plastic canvas sheets, plastic canvas pattern books and there were also crochet pattern books in there! That really made my day. I just had to tell someone about.
  3. Jempast

    ZigZag afghan

  4. Jempast

    October charity blast Oct 15th - 20th

    I've been looking for this month's CAL. Count me in. I am wanting to make squares for Warm Up America. I might even make some chemo caps for the infusion center where my husband went for chemo therapy.
  5. Jempast

    Butterfly bookmarks

    GORGEOUS thanks for sharing the pattern!
  6. Jempast

    The Snowing has come to a halt------SWAP COMPLETE

    I agree, I think you might have just went a little overboard on the snowflakes.
  7. Jempast

    Have Fun And Getting It Done 4th Quarter

    Finish Ms. Paxton's Afghan Start & Finish Max's Christmas Gifts Socks Knitted & Socks Crocheted Finish Nora & Chris' Afghan for Christmas Finish Sheridan's dog sweater (knit) Christmas Ornaments (knit)
  8. Jempast

    Have Fun And Getting It Done 4th Quarter

    I will be posting my list soon.
  9. Jempast

    Dishcloth Tuesdays~2009 CAL

    Well, I will actually be getting a dishcloth done today. Go figure!
  10. I love that pattern. What pattern did you use?
  11. That's a beautiful scarf! Great idea adding on the flowers! Love the colors you picked.
  12. The pink breast cancer scarf is gorgeous! Is that your own pattern? If so can you share the pattern?
  13. I would be happy to take this CAL on next year. I didn't keep up this year since I was still learning to crochet and slow. Now I am speedy crocheter. My husband thinks I am an intermediate crocheter.
  14. Darski, Are you going to be hosting this CAL next year?
  15. Jempast

    Dishcloths Crocheted This Weekend

    very pretty
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    Britt's RR

  17. Jempast

    Yarn Buying Strike...anyone?

    Yesterday a friend came over and gave me 3 bags stuffed with yarn! Then we went shopping I didn't buy any yarn yesterday and we went to JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby. This Hobby Lobby is just as huge as a walmart supercenter. My friend bought me 4 skeins of yarn to use for a charity project. Which I started on today.
  18. Jempast

    Yarn Buying Strike...anyone?

    Well I failed.I went to a yard sale today and bought 7 skeins of yarn. Each skein was only 50 cents! Who can pass up 50 cents on a skein of yarn? Not me.
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    C’ville October 2009 Tote

    No one yet? I felt for sure this morning she would have revealed herself.
  20. Jempast

    In October I will

    I just got one item finished!
  21. Jempast

    Shades of Greens Round Ripple

  22. Jempast

    Yarn Buying Strike...anyone?

    I am doing good I have not bought any more yarn. Does it count if someone buys the yarn for you so you can use it for charity? A friend asked me to knit/crochet on a blanket for charity and she is buying me the yarn for that.
  23. Jempast

    C’ville October 2009 Tote

    It's not me I knew it would not be.
  24. Jempast

    C’ville October 2009 Tote

    My husband is your typical not understanding man. I keep on telling him about Mary Jo's monthly bags he says what's so wonderful about them? I said you just have to be a crocheter and a member of crochetville to understand the magic.