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  1. I would be happy to take this CAL on next year. I didn't keep up this year since I was still learning to crochet and slow. Now I am speedy crocheter. My husband thinks I am an intermediate crocheter.
  2. Darski, Are you going to be hosting this CAL next year?
  3. Yesterday a friend came over and gave me 3 bags stuffed with yarn! Then we went shopping I didn't buy any yarn yesterday and we went to JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby. This Hobby Lobby is just as huge as a walmart supercenter. My friend bought me 4 skeins of yarn to use for a charity project. Which I started on today.
  4. Well I failed.I went to a yard sale today and bought 7 skeins of yarn. Each skein was only 50 cents! Who can pass up 50 cents on a skein of yarn? Not me.
  5. No one yet? I felt for sure this morning she would have revealed herself.
  6. I just got one item finished!
  7. I am doing good I have not bought any more yarn. Does it count if someone buys the yarn for you so you can use it for charity? A friend asked me to knit/crochet on a blanket for charity and she is buying me the yarn for that.
  8. It's not me I knew it would not be.
  9. My husband is your typical not understanding man. I keep on telling him about Mary Jo's monthly bags he says what's so wonderful about them? I said you just have to be a crocheter and a member of crochetville to understand the magic.
  10. Tomorrow I am going to my weight watchers meeting and my husband is staying home I told him if I get a package from Mary Jo you BETTER text me saying I'm a Bag Lady.
  11. Very very pretty Nicole. They look warm & comfy.
  12. Yes it's good. That's how I learned to knit. Give it a try. I had bought my copy at Hobby Lobby using the 40% off coupon. It was worth it. You learn everything you need to know about knitting from that DVD. They even have several stitch along projects. Give it a try you won't be sorry.
  13. After seeing your gorgeous project I decided that I am going to take up plastic canvas again. Thanks for the inspiration.
  14. GORGEOUS! What pattern are you using?
  15. It's been getting chilly here too. For once I am glad to have so many afghan to work on. I thought at least they will keep me warm as I work on them.
  16. In October I Will: 1. Finish 2 Barrel Bag Purses 1 Finished 2. Stay caught up on my weight loss afghan 3. Finish a sweater for my dog 50% done 4. Start & Finish 4 Stripes for Charity 5. Start & Finish 8 Pocket Tote
  17. That is pretty and what a perfect decoration and perfect blanket to use during october.
  18. For a long time I wanted to make one. About 2 weeks ago I found the video on you tube and I was able to make one!
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