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  1. I have also decided to work on another afghan to represent my exercise habits. I will be doing the Blood, Sweat & Tears afghan to chart my exercise habits. Each teardrop will represent 10 minutes of exercise. At least this way I will have a blanket that can chart my exercise habit and a blanket that charts my weight loss.
  2. All of those weeks I weighed the scale was way off. Since the scale was on the carpet. I thought it was too good to be true I lost that much weight. Anyway I have been on Weight Watchers now for 6 weeks. I lost 8 pounds in that time. My 6th week was the first time I gained which was .2 pounds. I still have 100 pounds to loose. I need to catch up on my afghan.
  3. I just started this afghan yesterday. So I will join this cal. I have to have my afghan done by October 9th. It's a gift for my old 3rd & 5th grade teacher. I had the same those 2 years. I am now 27 and will be seeing her on the 9th for the first time in over 10 years so I wanted to make something for her since she was stuck having me as a student for 2 years. She was one of my favorite teachers.
  4. Well, I am finally going back to Weight Watchers on Thursday. This will be my second & last time joining. I am determined to get lifetime membership.
  5. Thank you! Also thanks for starting this CAL.
  6. Thank you! You ladies are a great help. You ladies & my husband are the happiest for me (besides me) about my weight loss. I love the support from this CAL.
  7. I am having to eat a bland diet which means no fatty, tomatoey, spicy food. I am having trouble with my gallbladder. I am having it removed this Thursday. At least this gallbladder disease is good for one thing all of my weight loss. I am making an afghan to show my weight loss. I am making an afghan just like the one from the TV show Roseanne. If you have ever seen that show the afghan stays on the back of the living room couch. I have always loved that afghan. Even before I learned to crochet. I am making 2 squares for each pound I loose. A square will represent half a pound. I
  8. In just 3 days I have lost 18 pounds!! :yay When I first started loosing weight I was 300 pounds now I am 253.4 I have 43 more pounds to loose until I can start trying to have a baby!
  9. I agree about the starting a 2010 Weight Loss Afghan thread.
  10. My doctor from the emergency room said to eat a bland diet and boy that is helping not only with my gallbladder pain (which is why he said bland diet) but with my weight loss too! I can only eat grilled cheeses, mashed potatoes, drink sprite and eat chicken noodle soup.
  11. I have 80 squares to do on my afghan!
  12. I lost that much that quick because I am having gallbladder problems. I will be having surgery sometime next week hopefully. I am seeing a surgeon on Monday. At least the gallbladder problem is good for something! Helping with my weight loss at least the gallbladder pain isn't for nothing. I am glad I am at least loosing weight. It is getting me excited knowing I am almost at the half way point of my weight loss. I am only 60 pounds away from being able to start trying to have a baby!
  13. I have lost a total of 40 pounds in 2 weeks.
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