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    I'm a partime working & stay at home mom.
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    Crochet, scrapbooking, reading and being a beach bum!! *grin*
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    kids clothes
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  1. just crochet books for sure!! *grin* I have the crochet stitch bible, gift last Christmas and that has been an awesome book to have. I love love that loop d' loop book so that's most likely going on my list. and I love love the happy hooker, have that and have made a few things from it too Thanks ladies for all the input, off to make an order
  2. what books would you buy, I recently rec'd a GC to barnes & noble. I want/need some new books *grin**
  3. I started this about 4 years ago after I learned to crochet. I ran into problems reading the pattern around the light green color, put it away and thought once I had more experience I would try it again. I pulled it out about 4 weeks ago and finally finished it. I love it and now only have to tuck in strings on the back. I'm going to try another one in all one color.
  4. That is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I may very well try something like that next. How did you do the ruffle and keep the next color going? My Hannah who is 9 is just begging for it now. LOL I have to finish the stitch sampler afghan before I start another project though
  5. Ok if this request is wrong, like braking copywrite feel free to delete the post. We had dinner at my MIL's tonight, she lives quite a bit from us. I left my afghans for all seasons book and I'm working on the stitch sampler, I'm on row 70 or so. I just know its the last page of the pattern. Is it ok for me to ask someone to scan that page so that I may continue to work on my project over the next couple days until I get my book back? If thats a no no just let me know -- thanks!!!! :D
  6. I made this on friday, the pattern is from http://www.amazon.com/Easy-Crocheted-Accessories-Fashionable-Projects/dp/0896892751/sr=8-1/qid=1168133475/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/105-0885501-2188424?ie=UTF8&s=books it worked up very quick and just by changing the hook size and number of rounds the size can be altered easily. Thanks for looking.
  7. Dani

    childs top

    anyone?? *grin*
  8. Dani

    childs top

    Hey there gang, i'm looking for the basic beginnings of a child's top...sort of like a sweater but something that starts from the top. I've made a few baby tops in the past where you start at the top and work a little bit down before you create the sleeve holes and then just work down from there. I'm searching crochet pattern central myself but I thought if anyone has worked one lately that they might remember the pattern. Thanks!!
  9. Love the hat and I just wanted to say GO STEELERS!!!!! *grin*
  10. That's awesome, i love the handles!!!
  11. I think that sounds great!!! I'm looking for a round bucket style pattern...anyone see one online let me know. I'm in!! Yoohhooooo felting is fun!!!! Thanks Chelle!!!
  12. Dani

    What makes it mine?

    Thanks so much Sherry, that helps a ton!!
  13. Dani

    What makes it mine?

    well the bottom part of the halter I did get from the crochet bible of stitches b/c I wasn't sure what kind of open mesh work I wanted for the bottom. I did choose the size, starting chain length and after the mesh pattern part was done I followed no pattern to shape the top. I guess I'm thinking I could share with others and probably even sell the finished product but I'm thinking I couldn't sell the pattern as mine? Thanks everyone for your advise!!!
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