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  1. yes, you leave them hanging. I use a ball of yarn for every color change. If there is alot of color changes, there will be alot of bobbins hanging off your blanket. The hanging bobbins stay on the backside of the blanket. Hope I described that well enough for you.
  2. I had my first knitting class today . I'm so excited. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I learned how to cast on, the knit and purl stitch, and how to cast off. I have been crocheting for a couple of years and love it. But, I like the look of knitted clothing. So, now off to practice, practice, practice. My second class will be 10/03, I will learn to increase and decrease and different cast on methods. I don't know if I can wait till then.
  3. Never mind. I found the pattern book on ebay, so now I can buy my own yarn.
  4. I'm thinking of ordering a kit from Mary Maxim and it comeswith starlette yarn. It is going to be for a baby blanket. Has anyone used this yarn? Is is soft enough for a baby and does it hold up well? Thanks for any info you can give.
  5. I found it!!!! I just saw it in the Mary Maxim catalog. It was Animals of the month blanket. Sorry, I swore I saw it online. Thank you for all who looked.
  6. Thanks, but those aren't it. The one I saw reminded me of the ABC baby blanket. It was one solid color and the scene was crocheted while following the pattern. Not crocheted and attached later. Thanks for all your help though. I'll keep looking. I got a new computer and files are in limbo.
  7. I hate when this happens. I found the perfect baby blanket pattern and now I can't find it. I'm not even sure if I remember all of it. I thought I saved it, but apparently not. The picture was of a blue baby blanket with ( I think) an animal or farm scene on it. It was all done in blue, so it wasn't a graph with color changes. The scene was done in a different stitch so it looked raised. I know it was a free pattern, but I can't remember where I saw it. Please if this sounds familiar, let me know. Thanks for any help. Sorry about the lack of description.
  8. OMG!!! I just got my kit in the mail. Jane did an awesome job, she went above and beyond. It was like Christmas in August. I'll try and remember everything: beautiful tote with a matching hook holder ( in ocean colors) temporary tattoos smarties candle picture frame beads scissors, buttons, and yarn needles Christmas ornaments Christmas pattern book, dish cloth pattern book, and a cross stitch pattern holiday sparkle yarn all colors of cotton yarn brown thread 3 bamboo handle hooks 1 wood carved BEAUTIFUL hook Thank you so so much. Sorry about pics being so small. http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm267/tailspin1965/th_002-3.jpg[/img] http:// http:// http://
  9. tailspin

    Santa Claus

    it means to sc in the next 4 stitches, then 2sc in the next stitch four times. So, the next 4 st you will be doing 2sc in each of them.Your increasing to make the thumb. Then sc in the last 4 st. Hope that helps.
  10. WOW!!! That was fast. It looks great and I love the color. You did an awesome job.
  11. I love the idea of a cal. It would be great to see everyone's finished kits. Awesome package Katie. Send me pics when you get it done. I love the colors. I keep changing my mind. I have to stop looking at patterns.
  12. WOW!!! A huge thanks to an elf in WV. I received an envelope in the mail and expected it to be my son's xbox 360 cord, but to my surpise it was for me. I opened it up and found a expand a file for my patterns. I was so happy, but then I opened it up. She also put in 2 pattern leaflets, a purse pattern, and a set of the steel crochet hooks. Now off to practice with some thread. Thank you so so so much. :c9
  13. I would like to thank a special elf from Ohio. She sent the prettiest snowflake and a card with a snowman on the front. Thank you so much. Today has been a yucky, rainy day. This definitely brightened my day.
  14. I got my partner! Can't wait to get to know you Lavender Rose. I see a shopping trip in my future.
  15. I just received an awesone box from lusmom. She did such a great job. She sent me a red purse with a cute "I love my dog" lining, plus some extra lining. A cute black pouch bag, a blue tote with matching flipflops. Some lotions and the cutest little red stuffed crab. A great Debbie Macomber book, good minds think alike. (I sent her one too). She sent 4 skeins of wool yarn and a large skein of a gorgeous colored cotton yarn. The M&M's aren't in the pic, had to hide them from my son. Thanks for everything lusmom. You made this a great swap.
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