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    Married, 3 kids - 13, 11 & 5. Girl Scout Leader in my community. Also a professional pet sitter.
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    Sharpsburg, NC
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    needleworks, crochet, scrapbooking & other crafts
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    Office Manager
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    quickie projects to pass on and to keep
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    Taught by my mom in 1976
  1. I am looking for a pattern for a beanie with a beard. If anyone knows of where there is even a pattern that would be wonderful. I can pay a few dollars for a pattern but not $50-$60 for actual article. I would prefer it not be the one with the popcorn stitch. Thanks in advance crochetville family. Darlene Kassner
  2. From NC also! I live close to Rocky Mount and Wilson, NC. Nice to meet everyone.
  3. Thanks to all for the advice and resources. I knew I had come to the right place with my crochet questions. Darlene
  4. I know they are licensed and am searching for books to purchase. I know they are out there (and could possibly be discontinued) as my mom recently came back from a visit at the doctor's office and said that a lady had one sitting on her desk. It was crocheted and stuffed. Anyone out there know of a pattern (possibly a kit) or book? Thanks, Darlene
  5. Hi ladies.... about fifteen years ago someone gave me a sling pouch thing that I could adjust and walk around my house with the baby in it if needed. I also used it when nursing while I was out and about as I could place baby in and nurse while shopping. Does anyone know if there is a pattern out there free or for purchase for one of these? I would be willing to buy the one that comes close. Thanks. P.S. please email at darlenekassner@hotmail.com.
  6. You know Yarncat's Turkey Butt pin/fridgie would make a great applique for a kids hat. I made one of these for my 6 y/o to wear to school and everyone loves it! Darlene
  7. :cheerHi all! Sharpsburg, NC here (small town btwn Rocky Mount & Wilson, NC). Been lurking for some time now. I was excited to see that there are crocheters all over NC.
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