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  1. Thank you to Christinacoghill for the awesome package! There were potholders and dish cloths of every size and shape! Very fun. And my favorite lighted hooks, too! Even better. I really appreciate your time and effort...it was a great way to brighten my day after a nasty week. Thanks again! Sara
  2. Wow! It has been almost a month since my last update. Where does the time go? I think my computer at it.... Looks like everyone is making progress and welcome to all the people who have joined while I was off doing something else. Anyway, I am slowly getting there. I finished up most of the rectangles I was done for the WUA event in MN and delivered them 2 weekends ago when I was there for the Knit Out event. Still working on the Caron SS rectangles for the CAL, but it definitely isn't my favorite project right now. I finished up and sent out the kitchen swap items, now I just need to work on the items for my secret pal. Don't know entirely what I am going to make for that yet, but I have a few ideas rolling around in my brain. Changed my mom's birthday gift from the 8-pocket tote to a hanging bird feeder. This time of year has her wishing she could be out in the garden so this will give her something to look forward to. It took me forever to find all the things I needed to make this one, but I have them now and will hopefully get started before this weekend. I am making great progress on my new favorite project, the swirling fans afghan from Crochet Today. I am having a ton of fun with this one and have almost half of the sections done. Just need to keep joining them and then there is a pretty significant border that goes around the whole thing. Wish I could work on it more often, but that just doesn't seem to be happening lately. *sigh* Here is my 1st Quarter List: WUA CAL rectangles [14/50] WUA non-CAL rectangles [15/20] DONE & delivered! Helmet liners [1/2] Hanging bird feeder for Mom [0%] Baby Gift (hat?) [100%] Felted tote bag [95%] Kitchen swap items [100%] Sent out 2/22 Swirling Fans afghan [35%]
  3. Awesome! I am really impressed and love the soft colors. They go really well together! Sara
  4. That is beautiful! I am definitely adding that book to my wish list! Great job and great color selection. Sara
  5. Christinacoghill- Your package should have arrived yesterday! PLEASE respond to my PM or email me to let me know that you got it for sure. When I tracked the package it said it was delivered, but I just want to be sure. Hope you like it! I had a great time putting everything together. Sara
  6. I really HATE working with many of the yarns mentioned here, like Homespun and fun fur, but my current least favorite yarn is Caron Simply Soft. I have been using it to make rectangles for the Warm Up America CAL, and after 2 skeins it is very hard for me to convince myself to start the next two skeins. I like the end result, but it is almost TOO soft and the first few rows have me wanting to fake a hand injury! Sara
  7. DH and I are headed out for a date night tonight so I don't think I am going to get any more done this evening. I used up a couple of skeins of yarn on the afghan I am making, but most of my score this week is because I sent a whole bunch of yarn to a couple of people on the Ville that were looking for yarn. Gave me the opportunity to go through my stash and figure out what I will most likely never use. WTD: +54, YTD: +39 Don't think I will be topping this week for a while! Have a great weekend everyone! Sara
  8. There are several books out there that have 99 projects in them...I have "99 Dishcloths". They are from Leisure Arts I think. Maybe something like that would work? They are small enough projects that they can be done in a couple hours and doing a couple a week wouldn't be unreasonable. Sara
  9. Thanks for the update, Amy! We really appreciate it! And please let Donna know that we hope her computer feels better soon....technology is wonderful until it makes our blood pressure go up. And that is one HUGE amount of rectangles from ForestW! I am impressed! That means that so far there are enough rectangles to make 11 blankets. WTG everyone! Sara
  10. That is one of my favorite patterns and I make them whenever I only have a small amount of cotton left. A very unique and handy substitute to the dish cloth! Sara
  11. I know what you mean! Drew, I LOVE your designs and I searched high and low for weeks until I could find a copy of the "Cozy Cofy Home" book that has your green flower afghan in it (don't remember the name right now). It isn't just an afghan, it is a piece of art and I can't wait to get my hooks moving. Sara
  12. I have been using Needloft Nylon Plastic Canvas Yarn, which is really scratchy and works great. A 2 oz skein is like $2 and can make a little more than 2 of the spiral scrubbers. I have found it only at Michaels, but the colors are VERY limited. I have found a couple of places online, but have not ordered any yet. Although now that I found another pattern that I LOVE that uses this yarn, I am very tempted to place a big order. Sara
  13. Absolutely perfectly adorable! Darling concept and just the kind of thing that would be perfect for my son. Great idea! Sara
  14. AMEN! If I didn't need to work to support my yarn habit and the house to keep it in, I wouldn't be here! I have had a sick DH at home and now a sick kid as well (they are home together today), so that means my crochet time has been pretty much non-existent. Did manage a little bit last night, but nothing that used anything up. I am HOPING to get some misc yarn packaged up and ready to ship out tonight in order to help the count, but will have to see what happens with that. The good news is that DH is actually making dinner so I may have a little more time than normal, although I will still need to do the dishes....he always conveniently forgets about that part. Sara
  15. One thing to be careful of with this pattern that I learned the hard way....THE FIRST CH-3 COUNTS AS A STITCH. That means "dc in next stitch" means to SKIP the first stitch next to the chain. My ripple was growing a LOT until I figured that out. Sometimes it is the little things that frustrate you the most. Congrats on figuring the pattern out! It always feels like a real accomplishment doesn't it? Sara
  16. Gorgeous! I love that pattern and the colors. Great job! Sara
  17. If you use a big hook, bulky yarn and an open pattern you can finish an afghan really fast. Check out some of the 5-1/2 hour afghan patterns on Lion Brand's website. She will love whatever you make for her! Sara
  18. Some of the nurses I know have little cozies for the ends of their stethoscopes so they aren't so cold on the skin. Don't have a pattern though..... Sara
  19. I know what you mean! I have been trying my darndest to use up yarn, but some how nothing ever seems to use more than half a skein! I am finding myself making rectangles and squares just to get some of it used up but then they are distracting me from my other projects. Vicious cycle isn't it? Don't worry, as soon as you start using up yarn on those afghans there you will finish lots all at once. That seems to be the way it works for me! Sara
  20. Thank you very much for the pattern. I am still recovering from a loss and your generosity brought tears to my eyes. I added it to my Ravelry queue and will work on it when I need a therapy session. Thanks again! Sara
  21. I am desperately attempting to clean out my stash and then I saw your post! I will be sending the extra baby yarn to some one else, but I have lots of odds and ends I can send your way. Some of it isn't labeled, but I might be able remember what it is, others I have no clue. If that is acceptable, please PM me your address and I will attempt to get it in the mail this week. Sara
  22. Adorable! But now you have me thinking about Oreos....and since I missed lunch that has my tummy rumbling. Great job! Sara
  23. That is what I do too...I chain what I need, then chain 5 more, just in case I counted wrong. You can pick out the extra stitches without fear of the whole thing unraveling since it is going the "wrong" way. Good luck! Sara
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