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  1. That is one of my favorite patterns and I make them whenever I only have a small amount of cotton left. A very unique and handy substitute to the dish cloth! Sara
  2. OK, we are reading that differently and I think that is just going to confuse things! LOL! Since is says "(1 sc in next ch-3 sp. Ch 3) twice", don't you do the same thing in succession and not into the same stitch? The NEXT means to move to the next ch-3 space doesn't it? If it was all supposed to be done in 1 ch-3 space wouldn't it read "(1 sc in ch-3 sp, ch 3) twice in next ch-3 sp"? Now I am getting confused.... Sara
  3. Just read that part twice...so (1 sc in next ch-3 sp. Ch 3) then (1 sc in next ch-3 sp. Ch 3). Since is says to do it in the NEXT ch-3 sp you move on to the next one. Then when you have done that, you sk the next 3 dc and repeat 2 more (1 sc in next ch-3 sp. Ch 3). You might want to sit down and write out the pattern in actual words instead of the short cuts. That could save you some time and confusion. So row 3 would read: "chain 1. 1 sc in first dc. chain 1. skip next dc. 1 sc in next ch-3 sp, chain 3. 1 sc in next ch-3 sp, chain 3. skip next dc. 1 sc in next ch-3 sp, chain 3.
  4. Don't worry...that happens to me ALL the time and I have been doing this for a lot of years. Actually, I don't consider it a successful project unless I have frogged something on it at least once....(BTW, "frog" means to "rip it" out...get it...rip-it sounds like ribbet=frog). One of my most recent projects I had to frog completely THREE TIMES before I got it to work out right! You are doing fine and will get the hang of it quickly. Then you will be an addict like the rest of us! Sara
  5. All those mean is that it is the space (abbreviated sp) created by your chain 3 (or chain 1). It created a "hole" and on the next row you will crochet INTO that hole. The "37 ch-3 sps" translates as "you have made 37 chain-3 spaces"; which is really nice info to have since now you can go back and count them to make sure you are still on track! Translating crochet abbreviations is like learning a whole new language so it is very easy to get confused. It has happened to everyone! Let me know if you have any more questions! Good luck! Sara ETA: Welcome to the 'Ville!
  6. Awesome idea! I found a great pattern HERE. Really like this and will definitely be making one for myself. I HATE the fact that the pads are so expensive and the box is so big! If I make a bunch of them then I can wash them all at once....now we're talking! Sara
  7. OK, I am giving up on the bath puff idea....The same place I found that pattern also had one for a back scrubber. Basically a linked chain of crocheted donuts with handles on the ends. Probably not something that would be used every day so it should have longer to dry if made out of cotton. Thoughts on making that instead? I am trying to make a bunch of dish cloth/pot holder sets for Christmas gifts, but one of the friends who was going to get one of these sets informed me last weekend that she does NOT use dish clothes as they get so germy so fast. So, I am trying to come up with so
  8. Hmmmmm...I am beginning to re-think the puff. Would something like plastic canvas yarn work? That would dry faster and also be "exfoliating". Too rough? Sara
  9. I found a pattern for a bath puff that I want to make for a Christmas gift, however, it calls for worsted weight cotton and I think that might take a long time to dry. What do you think? Would another type of yarn dry faster/better? I know cotton works well for dish clothes, but they aren't as "dense" as the bath puff looks. TIA! Sara
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