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  1. OMG! I was just browsing through some of the talented member patterns here and I just ADORE these! My family are all HUGE tea drinkers and big readers - I'll be making one of these for sure!
  2. Hi there Kylie I'm Maxine and from the south west slopes of nsw. I have 2 children as well - a pigeon pair... I also found this site whilst on the search for patterns!!! I'm only a new member too but have so far found thie people here to be nothing but helpful and supportive. Its great
  3. hello from rural australia I'm new here as well but love the site - I've gained alot from being here already! Your work is lovely...I have a million things started but lose interest quickly and start something else One day I'll finish something! Enjoy the forum
  4. wow! Thankyou everyone I've been made to feel so welcome here! Its wonderful! I've been looking around and there's so much advice and support. I love it! Now if only I had more time in my day so i could crochet AND spend more time on the forum...
  5. hi and welcome I'm from rural australia and new too... You ought to have a chat with my brother and tell him it is ok to crochet. He has had a go but doesn't want to know. But I think its fantastic that blokes get into it! Well done! Don't let anyone tell you you're gay - they're just jealous cos they can't crochet!
  6. wow Thankyou all for the lovely warm welcome! I can't wait to look around more . Such a wonderful diverse community here. I know I'm going to love it!
  7. hi, my name is maxine and I live in rural NSW Australia. I am relatively new to crochet but have done a couple of projects already (and have way too many started...). I stumbled across this forum when doing a search for a particular pattern I was after. It looks like a great and supportive community which I reckon I will benefit from being a part of. I look forward to getting to know some of you and looking around a bit more when I have time!
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