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  1. AngelRoseLite -- did you complete the project bag that you started to describe w/ this pretty square? Would love to see it! I'm not a big fan of granny, either, but some of the designs could sell me!
  2. You are right! I forgot that; thanks for the reminder. Y'all: The squares are done in the round with hdc through both loops so that the throw looks the same on both sides. The LAYOUT is inspired by the Babette. Here is a link for a square done in the round, which creates the "spiral" effect: http://www.freshstitches.com/free-pattern-crocheted-square-washcloth/
  3. .... a Babette layout style with a series of Never Ending Blanket Squares in varying sizes. I agree with earlier poster that said it was the color arrangement and choice that makes this so striking. Would love to see a pattern; it's difficult to get consistently good results consistently if I make it up as I go. This is the view of the throw from the Pine Cone Hill Outlet. Still priced at $117 and still available!
  4. That's a great pic from the movie! We never found a pattern, but you can look at/purchase the actual afghan from the Pine Cone Hill outlet online. Last price was $117 US. It's a Babette-style layout, with squares crochet in a spiral. Check the replies on September 27th for links to see the diff between babette squares and this one. There's also a link to the Pine Cone Hill store, where you can view a close-up of the squares that were used. I think it's the color combinations that are so striking, in addition to the Babbette layout. Best of luck!
  5. Hoping someone here can help me think this through. I keep finding shawl patterns I like, but I don't like shawls. IMHO, they're just not stylish. ( although they'll come back, I'm sure.) I want to alter the pattern to eliminate the back point. Turn the finished item into a wrap, instead of a shawl, a rectangle instead of a triangle. It seems that it would be pretty easy--just begin at the straight line instead of the point. But I haven't been able to start with confidence. Any advice on how to do this? Thank you much, Kimber WIP: baby blanket one of three.
  6. Quest complete!! We know the pattern: Babette We know the yarn: 100% wool worsted We can buy it if we want to -- wonder if that's the actual one used in the movie? Honestly, $230 is an amazing price for that piece of work. In my own research for this quest, I found people who'd spent upwards of $500 for the yarn and sizes they wanted. And the hours... This has been so much fun, y'all -- thank you to everyone who played along! Warm wishes, Kimber
  7. Yep; I think the Babette layout is IT. As for the "spiral" squares' what we mean is the the squares are worked in continuous (ahem) "rounds" as opposed to chaining up to begin a distinct row. While those patterns show circles in squares are really cool, that's not what was used in the Smurf 'ghan. And it's very close to the Never-ending square linked above, I think. Arranged Babette-style. I remember color changes mid-row during some of the close-ups, and I believe it's majority HDC. (so the actual movie did not have me enthralled...) Ha! It looks like I'm going to have to sit thru this movie again when it comes to the discount cinema! This has been so much fun!
  8. we are happy you found us, too! Thanks for the awesome photo! The Never-Ending blanket square looks close, but much more regular. Maybe we could use that as a starting place and break some of that designer's 'rules.'
  9. That afghan is great, yet not quite "it." the one in the movie is very irregular, and looks like the edging and joining are more involved. Thank you!
  10. Just returned home from taking my girls to see the new Smurf movie and loved the afghan clearly visible in the apartment. Anyone else see it yet? And how do we find out what the pattern is?! I am trying to find a good photo still, but this is the only one I've seen that includes the afghan. You can see only a small part in the foreground and some more in the background. But for sure it's crochet, and there are real close-up shots of it in the movie. http://movies.yahoo.com/photos/movie-stills/gallery/2685/the-smurfs-stills#photo11 I'm on a quest!!
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