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  1. Hi Melissa, I'm in East Central Iowa! Is this it? http://www.michaels.com/art/online/projectsheet?pid=25365
  2. I'm using the baby yarn I have in a soft lavendar for the sweater I mentioned above, it's a very fine yarn I got at Hobby Lobby.
  3. I was at Michael's yesterday and they had a ton of pattern books for Christmas Tree Skirts, I think they were in magazines, have you tried going to michaels.com?
  4. I was just curious if anyone knows how to or where I can go to convert a knitting pattern into a crochet pattern? I know how to knit but I prefer crochet myself.
  5. I might just! Right now I'm working on a Lacette Tissue Tunic from a Patons book.
  6. I found this while looking around for just the right sweater pattern and thought it was gorgeous and that everyone should see it, it's a for sale pattern and here's the link: http://www.gourmetcrochet.com/index_files/Page2256.htm
  7. I really like them all, thanks a lot! Sherry, on the one you put up, the sleeves could be adjusted to be longer couldn't they?
  8. Throw me a bone here, I'm looking for anything, lol. ETA: I found this one at Michaels, do y'all think I could use my yarn for it? http://www.michaels.com/art/online/projectsheet?pid=25114&categoryid=29
  9. The adult dress pattern in there, man oh man, I tried it and couldn't do it.
  10. Hello! I have a surplus of very fine baby weight yarn leftover from a failed attempt at making a dress and would like to attempt a sweater. I am seeking a pattern for either a v-neck or pullover sweater, no collar or cowl neck however and it doesn't matter if it's free or not, lol, I get a bonus in two weeks, yay! Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!
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