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  1. Welcome fellow Buckeye! Happy Holidays
  2. Hi and welcome from Ohio (GO BUCKS! ) Sorry...couldn't resist LOL
  3. Welcome to C'ville! What did you major in in college? I miss school! I'm sure you'll love it here
  4. Wow, twin girls, that would be so much fun! Welcome from Ohio...I'm sure you'll love it here
  5. I love pink and black together, what a great set!
  6. That's gorgeous! I'll bet your daugher loves it
  7. I'm from the Buckeye State...but that doesn't count, I know Welcome to C'ville! S*
  8. Wow, you are a long way from home! Welcome to C'ville, I'm sure you're going to love it here! There are so many sections here to learn from, I'm sure you'll be teaching your mom when you get back Unfortunately, even when you know what you're doing you still end up trashing some projects lol...well, at least I have! There's always someone here to help if you need it S*
  9. It is from the Elegant Fringed Throw in the current Nov/Dec 07 issue. I basically just winged it...I didn't write it down, I just did it how wide I wanted it, then switched colors and did part of the border pattern for the fringe area. I'm a dork like that sometimes, I usually only make one of it so I don't write it down. I guess that makes everything one of a kind..literally lol.
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