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  1. Thank you for the info. on the Bunting Dolls Peggy. Your dolls are very cute and it's so nice what you are doing for the children at the clinic.
  2. That's a good question, I would like to know too. Is this the same bunting doll pattern that is on Freepatterns.com? That one has three sizes to crochet.
  3. No, you are not the only one. I also agree with greyhoundgrandma, they should not cost as much since you do have to print them out, some have a lot of pages. You don't have to print them out of course but I prefer to since I don't crochet at my computer. I think it is okay if it is an older out of print pattern.
  4. How cute! I love her story! You really do beautiful work.
  5. This is amazing, all the stain glass squares are beautiful! I love looking at them.
  6. It is so cute! I plan to make one in a sparkle yarn. I thought it was a wristlet bag at first and I thought how cute would it be to easily adapt to a wristlet bag, fill it with lip gloss, nail polish, whatever...hang it on the tree or give it as a small gift.
  7. I watched the Maggie Weldon You Tube and it was very easy to follow. It is worked length wise and not side to side which I much prefer. I have made 14 scarves in the past five days! Takes me about one hour per scarf tops. I like the Sashay yarn/ribbon but I have had real bad luck with it having huge knots, out of 8 skeins, six had a knot and one had a section frayed so bad it had pulled apart. I called Red Heart yarn this morning and they are replacing the skeins. She said it is not at all unusual. I like Starbella too, more glitter and I have not found a knot or any problems with it.
  8. I called Mary Maxim this morning and a very nice lady returned my call about the kit. She said there have been corrections made to the pattern and she would send me a copy. I asked her about another afghan kit I had ordered at the same time. Marcelle Afghan kit #99209N She said there have been errors found in that one also and they have been corrected, she will send out corrected pattern for it too.
  9. When I ordered it in December I think, it was on back order. About a month later it came. I haven't been able to start it yet. Now I am concerned if there are a bunch of errors in the pattern. I will try calling Mary Maxim tomorrow if I remember. My kit is called "Baby Delight Blanket" kit #99204N It really is beautiful.
  10. I'm really sorry, I thought it was the same book. I'm going out this morning and I will try to run in JoAnn's and check again. I have: 101 Crochet Squares 101 Stitches for Afghans 101 Ripple Stitches to Knit and Crochet All by Jean Leinhauser. Are there many more "101" books by Jean?
  11. Okay, I was at JoAnn's this morning and saw both 101 Squares and 101 Pattern Stitches. I'm sorry I didn't even think to check the price on them but right now pattern books are 30% off. I already have both books or I would have bought them. Check your JoAnn's. I don't know if they would have it on their website. Hope this helps!
  12. Really nice and I also think it looks beautiful done in white. I have this pattern and I think I might have to make this my next "must do" afghan. I noticed you said it is rather large, the pattern calls for 35 ounces (2,400 yards) of yarn. Is that about right or did you find you needed extra yarn?
  13. Very pretty! I was also wondering the name of the pattern? Glad you finished it, it really is beautiful.
  14. I have no idea where she is finding such unusual pretty patterns but the "Yellow White Flower" Baby Afghan she has listed is beautiful!! I would love to know where that pattern is from.
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