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    married 27 years to the same wonderful man 2 daughters 6 grandchildren Im a yarn a acholic lol
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    small town in NY state
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    crochet of course
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    crochet designer,also customer service rep at local newspaper
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  1. first attempt you say! wow that is just beautiful!!!!!!!
  2. :hianother mid hudson valley crocheter here hi to every one brrrrrrrrrr its freezing out here today good day for crocheting lol
  3. Hi everyone, I just Got Margarets new book and its great!!! I dont no which pattern to make first Margaret many thanks for coming out with a book for us plus size gals lol :yes
  4. hi all heres the link to my last post about the ribbon yarn i still have a lot of it left http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=62244 if anyone is interrested i wont be able to check emails etc till monday have to work some OT this weekend thanks in advance
  5. I still have quite a bit of the the lion brand ribbon yarn still left please someone give it a good home now to add to my ever growing list i found bags of lion brand home spun yarn 3 in a sealed bag color is "mission" I'm asking $9.00 a bag i have 5 bags so grab them while you can I'm told that lion doesn't make this color anymore thanks
  6. Well did anyone else go to wool-fest in rhinebeck NY??? Boy it was great I'm sorry i didn't see One the 'ville that said they were coming up {put it was pretty jammed packed with people. lol but i did have my Lil pin on that said hi I'm Dee from the 'ville. i got some great deals. i meet a dealer from right here in poughkeepsie ny that had some great yarns they have a web site 2 if you would like to check them out its www.Iloveyarn.com my hubby got me a pin that fits me to a tee lol it says "lost in fiber space" we walked around for 6 hours and still didnt get to see evey thing .well i better get back to work ,tell you more later how was your trip to wool fest?
  7. same with me but im leaning towards sunday thats my early day i work 4am to 11am. im going to make a little sign that says hi im from the 'ville or something to that effect and pin it to my jacket lol:lol hope to see you there
  8. hey just wonder if anyone in the surrounding areas was coming up for woolfest this year? its 10/20/07-10/21/07 in rhinebeck {dutches fair grounds} i no some from the "ville went last year. if anyone is planing on coming up id love to meet some of you let me know the day and maybe we can wear a lil pin or somehthing that says hi im from the 'ville lol well i better get back to work
  9. i love that i made a bumper sticker that says "caution brakes fast for yarn sales" how about a shirt with a large hook that say GOT YARN oh no now you got me thinking of crochet things and im at work not a good thing lol
  10. good morning everyone well im still destashing and with the holidays around the corner i really need to move this yarn I NEED my dinning room back i have some lion brand incredible ribbon yarn that is packaged 3 to a pack in these colors city lights{sold} , copper penny{sale pending}, {autunm leaves{sold 1},3 packs still available accent on black and blue shades you will get 3 skiens of the same color for one price im asking $7.00 plus shipping heres a link to check out the colors http://pages.e-yarn.com/6030/InventoryPage/1694524/1.html these are all still sealed in the manufactors plastic i have 4 packs of each color please give this yarn a good home thanks ill be adding more as i feverishly go through all these bins I still have all this ribbon yarn left please wont someone give it a good home i really hate doing the ebay thing
  11. welcome Margaret I love your designs and have many of your books including your earlier ones weekend crochet and more weekend crochet both great books. and of course ive pre ordered your new one and cant wait for it to get here !!!!
  12. wow that shawl is just awesome, and beautifil i order my copy cant wait to get it !! hope to see more of your designs in the future DEE
  13. http://mochimochiland.com/weblog/?p=111 i love the way she as it all out in the open :drool
  14. CONGRADS on the new book i 2 pre ordered it just on your description.it sounds fantistic
  15. this is all the great stuff i got from lady bug dreams thanks i love it allllllllll
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