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  1. That sounds like fun! I'd participate in it.
  2. I've been using this pattern for the shawls I've been making. shawl The most recent one I made I used double strands of ww yarn for my sister and it turned out beautiful. It's very easy and very quick. Maybe one day I'll actually try it using the yarn they suggest.
  3. brings my total to 37! :cheer I think that will probably be it for me since I still need to weave in those pesky ends!
  4. My blog is in my signature.
  5. Welcome Laura! I just started a blog as well. It looks like you're keeping very busy with all of your crafts.
  6. Add one more to my totals -- 26 total now!
  7. Daisy, add 4 more to my totals now making it a grand total of 25!
  8. Hi Cheryl, welcome to the board! It certainly is addictive! Nora
  9. I'm in Miamisburg, just south of Dayton.
  10. Hi, my name is Nora and I am new here and rather new to crocheting. My mom taught me years ago how to do granny squares and after her recent death and the inheritance of most of her yarn and patterns, I've decided to get back into crocheting. She loved to crochet baby blankets and afghans for family and friends and I hope to carry that on for her. I'm married to a wonderful man, have two grown children, one married and in college and one in college and living at home and live in the Dayton, Ohio area. Our daughter recently married and now we have two new grandsons ages 4 & 6 who we are enjoying spending time with. That's about it. I look forward to participating in these message boards. Nora
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