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    montreal, qc, canada
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    crochet, any needlework. I love learning!
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    Since I'm 10 yo.
  1. Enjoy! You 'll meet very nice people here!
  2. manonf

    Tote bag

    Bravo! It will be very useful!
  3. My blog is written in French... sorry
  4. I tested some points while doing this bag. Crochet used: 2 cm The handle is held by wood buttons turned by my DH Manonf
  5. I agree with Mimi : depending from where the French buyers are, "modèle" could include a finished object.
  6. I also note what I'm tracking my crocheted works in a notebook that cost 1$ ! I made a point (euh... or pledge? sorry, I'm not sure of the word... ) with myself, last year, to write down each pattern I'd try or create. So, all the plans I make and the final results... no pictures though because they are on my blog. I just stick some pieces of threads, my swatch and gauge pieces and so on. I got some inspiration for this notebook here, on About.com (searching in "art journal" topic). I find this is very empowering and helpful when you want to learn from you mistakes but have, like me, a limited memory. So, it does not need to be expansive. You can use a school exercise book, some sheets in a binder, a blog, a file in your computer or your pda, etc... As long as it is convenient for your style.
  7. Welcome TwiztidBlood! I'm in Canada too! Manonf
  8. hi everyone! I'm sure I'll enjoy myself here! ManonF Qc Canada
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