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  1. HGTV has started airing Uncommon Threads, Knitty Gritty and a few other crafting shows starting at 11:30 AM ET. The airing schedule isn't the same as DIY, though.
  2. Do you have any other details? I have a large vintage magazine collection and I'd be happy to look, but some identifying info would make the search easier.
  3. I'm in Philly. In fact, today is my Philly-versary...moved here from NYC 9 years ago!
  4. Swap was completed! ______________________________________________ I've somehow accumulated an excess of J and I hooks. I'd love to swap hook-for-hook for some Gs and Hs. Everybody pays their own postage. I: Blue Boye Red (no name on it, shaped like a Boye) Light Blue Susan Bates Green Susan Bates J: Gold Boye Light Blue Susan Bates Green Susan Bates Email me if interested and we can exchange mailing info. Please put 'hook swap' in the subject line so it doesn't end up with my Spam. If I don't respond, it means all the hooks have been claimed.
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