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    Happily married working mother with 2 wonderful children.
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    crafts, reading, penpaling, etc.
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    full time worker :O(
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    quick ones, toys, diolies, scarves, etc.
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    Learned more than the chain during the month 9/1994
  1. I have seen one before but it was knitted. So cute, lol.
  2. Those are so cute, lol. I should make some for my tree too. =)
  3. http://www.pattiscraftsnat.blogspot.com needs to be updated I know, but it's there. lol.
  4. scary .....yet very cute, lol. Great work!
  5. Very beautiful scarf. Looks to be very warm to. Thank you for sharing the pattern :O)
  6. Those are so pretty and a great way to use up the scrap yarn. I like both ways :O)
  7. http://pattiscraftsnat.blogspot.com/ freshly updated with pictures :O)
  8. Very cute! Thank you for sharing the pattern.
  9. Awww those are so pretty. I love them. Is there a free pattern for those?
  10. sheryl*


    I think it looks very pretty! I should be doing things like that. Great work!!!
  11. what would happen if we don't get them to you by a certain date, like after the due date but with in the month of may? i think I may want to help.
  12. Very very pretty! I'm about due for another granny square blanket, but i doubt I'd be able to whip one up over a weekend. Great work!
  13. Sooo cute! I love it! You did such a wonderful job!
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