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  1. Hi everyone. I know it's been way too long since I posted anything. I am a 'lurker' . Yesterday I started transferring my patterns from my old blog to my new one. This is one that I finished. It has NOT been tested. I would say the level is at intermediate as you need to know tss and tsk Tunisian crochet. I came up with this right after a class with a local fiber artist who specializing in tss. Pattern link If you do try it out let me know if you have any problems following the way I wrote it out.
  2. Just updated the blog with my update to the blog a-long which is via Ravelry - I'm challenging myself with going through the book "kids knitting" and finished a hat and am currently working on a scarf. ") http://momwithahook.blogspot.com/2012/07/blog-long-3-updates-on-my-knitting.html
  3. I went to an online webinar at Hookey.org last week on pattern design and the same thing was said - dream big and expect more. Don't devalue your work or your time. As soon as all needle crafters can get that the more:clap:cheer profits and success will follow. Looking forward to your new plans and praying for your grant process. I wish I could make it to Reno to see everything - it is close to California - we will see.
  4. I don't sell at craft fairs but I know that most that do sell in cash. [at least the ones I know] I know of one person who sells via credit card and she has the dongle for her iphone in order to take credit cards.
  5. it depends on the yarn you use. look at krochet kids and playin' hooky designs both popular ski hat brands in the crochet world and they go at minimum $20 I think $20 minimum would be good for your hats. You can always do a sale and give repeat customers a discount. I would start at the higher end and not at the lower end because people accept discounts better than they accept price hikes.
  6. I wish there was a site that settled this matter for all pattern designers. So much confusion on this one topic.
  7. I like that about Lion Brand - I think Red Heart used to also grant permission but I can't find the statement anymore.
  8. I'd buy more from LYS if my budget would allow - but now it's probably 10% lys and 90% big box store
  9. Very nice - the larger one is my favorite - I can see adding this to a hat or even making a number of them in a scarf.
  10. Amazing - how long has this piece taken you? I especially love the tree you made. I have always wanted to get into doing this - if you search crochet postcard on flickr you will see some neat ideas - this is what got me interested in doing landscapes.
  11. Here is the link on flickr of the headband using your owl pattern
  12. I made this into a headband a while back - I remember it be online and then I couldn't find it for the longest time. Now I know who wrote the pattern. Thanks for sharing it again.
  13. Thanks it is sooo cute - love the baby too.
  14. Gathering and close - You take your Tapestry needle, thread your yarn onto it, then go in and out of each stitch around the opening, pull tight. It doesn't close it all the way but pretty close. Then you just sew it up going back and forth until closed - Try looking at Youtube for 'closing amigurumi' or even 'sewing closed amigurumi' I tend to find a lot of examples on techniques there.
  15. Lydia I'm so glad you didn't trash it - it is gorgeous. I love doily's but I tend to use them as bases for hat designs - snoods and tams.
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