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  1. diron3

    Chunky Pineapple Cardigan

    this is where I first saw it
  2. diron3

    Chunky Pineapple Cardigan

    I got the same thing
  3. I was wondering if this pattern is available
  4. diron3

    Pan Bambusowy

    Its hard working with fun fur Im making a crow at the moment
  5. diron3


    This is my 4th Dragon my family are big fans even my mum has a Dragon Here is the web site if you need to make 1 http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=175190.0
  6. diron3


    The Queens use flame thrower
  7. diron3


    Here is a Dragon I made for my nephew. All ready to fight thread over Pern
  8. diron3

    A bird

    The hard part is seeing the stitchs
  9. diron3

    A bird

    I got this pattern in crochet world the pattern called for Red heart soft baby light & Lion brand fun fur bulky. Hard to get in Aust so I used 8 ply & moda vera jazz Sons Adelaide Crows mascot
  10. diron3

    Baby Harp Seal

    Thats great it came out beter than mine
  11. diron3

    Ron from south Australia

    Maybe I should have said Ronald
  12. Hello my name is Ron, I started crocheting to keep myself occupied after an industrial accident ( I lost most of my hand ) & have been crocheting ever since
  13. diron3

    granny squares

    thank you for the granny square that will help alot
  14. diron3

    granny squares

    I'm looking for a granny squares graph can some one hellp me please