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    i love to crochet blankets
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    davidson nc
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    i work from home
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  1. by chance does anyone have any i need some to make a blankets for the hospitals and nursing homes and pet shelters
  2. by any chance where can i find the pattern for this blanket
  3. Free -Granny Square wardrobe to crochet- Boye Needle Company i would love to have that one thank you megan
  4. i was kinda shock to get it so cheap
  5. is a great store i got eight skeins of i love this yarn it was 2.66 each:cheer:hook
  6. by chance does any have any balls of yarn that you dont need i need some to make for dog rescues and hospitals pm me
  7. if anyone has any yarn that they dont need i am working on blankets for dogs at the shelters and i am making them for the homeless shelters too. pm me thank you meg
  8. i love that by chance do you have a pattern for it
  9. how much would you sell a set of knitting needles and a cable needle
  10. i got two dogs from the shelter and they are amazing dogs one is 10 plus yrs old and the other one is 2 yrs old
  11. for four legged friends in the shelters if someone has any yarn they dont want please let me know
  12. i have about 4 projects started and trying to finshed one and then i just started another one
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