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    My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was very young
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    afghans, dishcloths, shawls, hats, etc....
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  1. Hi All! Just thought I'd introduce my little shop to you. I have opened my shop on Etsy.com, my seller name is GIFTedCROCHET. (The name has a double meaning - crocheters are gifted, and you can give crochet as a gift.) I am selling crochet kits, and some things I have made myself. Since I just started my store, it is small right now, but I will be adding items regularly. Please check it out and be sure to send me any comments or suggestions you might have to help me meet the needs of my customers. :tyfor reading my intro. www.etsy.com/shop/GIFTedCROCHET Caroline
  2. I wanted that pattern too. Should have ordered it when I saw it months ago.
  3. That would work - but I had seen a hanger that was an acrylic bar. It attached tothe wall. The afghan would be squeezed between the part that attached to the wall and the bar that went over the top of the afghan was clear.
  4. I made the Songbird Afghan and want to hang it on my wall. I need to find a quilt hanger for it, but don't want to cover th picoted edge on the top. I saw once on line a quilt hanger that was clear acrylic, but can't seem to find it again to order one. Can anyone help? Thanks Caroline
  5. I think this purse is gorgeous - and any color goes with jeans!!
  6. Oh!! I never did a Holiday wish list! I think I'll try it. 1. Cuddly Canine afghan pattern (annie's attic) 2. Any color Bernat Berella 4 yarn (my favorite) 3. Gift card to a craft store 4. One of those tight fingerless gloves for people with arthritis 5. For everyone to have a wonderful holiday - whatever it is they celebrate! Thanks Caroline
  7. The 1995 book - Award-winning afghans from Annies Crochet Quilt and Afghan Club. It has the Cathedral window afghan picture on the front. I NEED the Here's my Heart pattern - just fell in love with it when I happened across a pic of it. Willing to pay reasonable price. Thanks for any help. Caroline
  8. I saw the "Here's my Heart" afghan online in the referenced book and can't get it out of my mind. I just love it and have to make it. The book is out of print and I can't afford to pay the price on Ebay ($45). If anyone has the book and wishes to sell it for a reasonable price, or if anyone knows if the pattern is sold separately, please contact me. Thanks Caroline
  9. I think what you are looking for is Wiggly Crochet. Annie's Attic has a pattern for rugs - look in their For the Home section.
  10. Thanks, Happy! I love the shawl - taking it to CT with me on Thursday so I can wear it where it is cooler! The bag is also going with me. I lined it in a striped material and the outside is blue (don't know if the picture shows the color that well). I had a great time with this swap and you are a fun partner. I will keep in touch!
  11. I have gotten two items made from the Kit that HappyOldCro sent me. I had a great time doing them. One kit item she gave me was a pattern and yarn for an afghan. I'm waiting for winter to work on that. But in the meantime, here's what I did: Thanks, HappyOldCro!!
  12. That is really, really pretty and looks great on you! Congrats!!
  13. To All Who Have Made this Wonderful Pattern: I was wondering - how long does this pattern take to make? I would like to make a few for Christmas and am having surgery on my hand. I would like to get them done before I have surgery. Are they quick to make?
  14. I have a new puppy too and she likes the yarn. I've taken several little clippings out of her mouth because I dropped them and she found them. Puppies are so cute ..... but such a pain!!
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