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  1. I LOVE it!!! Just gorgeous!!! Really like the color contrast!!!!
  2. Love the colors! So 'springy' and 'festive'!! Great job!
  3. Those are beautiful! Love the colors - very calming.
  4. That is AWESOME!!! My hubby would LOVE this!!!! You have such great talent!
  5. Welcome back Lynlee!!!! Great to have you!
  6. What a great idea! Of course men need comfort too...!!!
  7. Oh, that is just gorgeous!!!! Great job!
  8. Puff Stitch? What special stitches does the pattern call for?
  9. Take a bow Good for you!!!!! These young people today have no respect for themselves much less anyone else [and especially the elderly]!!! Sorry about the fingering weight yarn though
  10. What a wonderfully caring gesture!!! The end result is very nice and I'm sure it was appreciated. BTW, love the join you used.
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