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  1. in two days??! wow! you do wonderful and FAST work!
  2. beautiful threads for beautiful doilies.. i too shy away from using variegated threads for fear that the design wont come thru.. but these are fab!
  3. beautiful!! i too wouldnt have guessed you're a beginner! love the purply one! i've been crocheting for years and havent worked up the courage to try wearables! great going!
  4. absolutely fabulous!!!! i love your butterflies... each one and all together in the basket.. stunning gift!!
  5. Angora


    love the edging!!
  6. count every row till you're confident you arnt skipping stitches.. we've all learnt to do this the hard way!!! worst case scenario = i attempted an afghan.. found out half way thru its gonna be a triangle not a square
  7. hi alice-san! i've been living in japan for abt a year now.. but im still a beginner in the language.. i cant wait to learn properly and read japanese crochet books.. they have beautiful designs welcome to the forum!
  8. it is well worth the effort!!! it looks stunning! pls show off here when its done!
  9. wow!!! thats such intricate work for a bedspread!! beautiful!!!
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