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  1. I have used an old sock and felt scraps. If the item is not going be washed you can use gift wrap as a filler.
  2. My favorite one skein pattern is from the labe of Caron yarn and its a scarf pattern. Its so easy it take me about 3 hours to make. Infact I use this as my main give away gift.
  3. I would call it Snowflake Star Square. Its beautiful! I love it! That is so perfect for my christmas afghan I am making. Thank you for the neat pattern! julie
  4. Thank you for the really cute pattern! julie:)
  5. Thank you for the beautiful pattern. That is neat looking! julie
  6. That is so darling! Thank you for the cute pattern:) julie
  7. That is really cute! Thank you for the adorable pattern julie
  8. Beautiful pictures! Thank you for the pattern julie
  9. Here is a pattern for an easy bullion square to make. Enjoy julie easysquare (I am not very good at links, if it does not work let me know and I will try to fix it)
  10. You did a great job on it. I like the cherry look. julie
  11. That is very beautiful! Thats a neat looking pattern julie
  12. Thats so beautiful! You did a fantastic job making it julie
  13. That is really cute! That's a really neat idea to make! Very creative! julie
  14. That is absolutely beautiful! You are very talented. You did a lovely job! julie
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