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    Renee Healey
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    Just a crocheting fool.
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    Crochet, playing guitar, lampworking and writing.
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    Desk Monkey Extraordinaire (I just got a promotion from Plain Old Desk Monkey)
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    Toys, old-school toaster covers...fun stuff!
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  1. That was great! I enjoyed the video and the dolls looked good, too.
  2. Love them! So colourful and pretty!
  3. I had a look at your photos, and I have to say I love your brooch and yarn garden!
  4. I had no idea what free form was, until I came upon it in this forum. Now I'm obsessed. Here are two scrumbles which will eventually become...well, I'm not sure what, but I enjoy just looking at them. Pardon the untucked threads!
  5. I love, love, love...did I say love...this hat!!
  6. I'm a fan of cacti too, and I have to say I really like yours!!!
  7. They're so cute! And perfect for my desk at work! I'll definitely be making them.
  8. The lovely LadyLinoleum inspired me to create an eyeball brooch in honour of Halloween. Here it is in all its gory...I mean, glory. There is a rough *and I mean rough* pattern for the brooch on my blog, if anyone's interested.
  9. Very funky! I love the colours.
  10. That is so awesome! I know a certain someone who I may make this for!
  11. Wow, not familiar with the books, but I certainly will look into them now!
  12. ReneeH

    Lulu Bear

    awww...she's plump and lovely!
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