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    Cheryl Jansen
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    Married 26 years, 4 kids, no grandkids yet!
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    Akron, Ohio
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    crochet, cross stitch, tatting
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    Hospice RN
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    20 years
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    afghans, shawls, scarves and hats
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  1. cjansen

    ISO Reynolds Capri Tweed

    I started a sweater and didn't have enough. The color I need is a blue number is 1076
  2. cjansen

    Psychadelic blanket

    Great job on the blanket I loved all your crochet. I tried to leave a comment for you but didn't want to register. Kepp up the fun and good work! Cheryl J
  3. cjansen

    Is it rude?

    I had to say doesn't matter because I forget sometimes. I don't mean to be rude but I just forget!
  4. cjansen

    "I have a consignment job for you"

    did she ask you to make things for her to sell? that's what I think of when the word consignment is used. I would never do that unless she was willing to pay what craft shows consider "retail" as your "wholesale" price. my salon does sell a few things for me on "consignment". but I brought them to her and she took my price and added her markup to them. I've gotten a few free haircuts for it!
  5. cjansen

    Hooked on Murder!!??!!

    I think it would be fine for you. it's really kind of funny and not really slasher like the movies
  6. cjansen

    Indians Pillow

    Very cool, I charted Chief Wahoo and even sold a few banners back the 90's. I even kept one I did in thread. Your pillow looks great!
  7. cjansen

    Crochet blues??

    sometimes you just have to walk away, whichis why I cross stitch, crochet, tat, just learned to knit and when all else fails a good book and a cup of tea
  8. cjansen

    I know this pattern was online...

    Love that and I just got 2 tanks at Walmart for $1.00 each. Now I can wear them this winter!
  9. cjansen

    can anyone copy this for me?

    If none of this works try Ravelry. Lots of people to look and suggest.
  10. cjansen

    I Want My Mummy!! (free pattern)

    Very Cute!
  11. Welcome Cheryl. Good Name! My family comes from Wales as well.
  12. I too buy thrift... em vintage crochet hooks. I was looking closely at the hooks last night and discovered I had a few made by L'oreal and Clariol
  13. cjansen

    Where / How Do You -

    Bookshelves, bookshelves and more bookshelves. I have them as tall as they will go on everywall they will fit. I like the ones at Ikea best.
  14. cjansen

    Cell phone case