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  1. Good afternoon all, Kids are off school today for MLK Day. Linus is finally starting to slow down to less then 20 hours a day. It has warmed up to above freezing for a few days, but more snow coming this weekend. :hito and everyone, I’m having to much trouble reading today to read back to far. I have managed to get the bunny’s cage cleaned, some dishes and laundry done today. My little man helped do the bathroom floor by dumping cups of water on it for me to clean up. I guess I shouldn’t complain at least the floor is clean. Have a good evening all, tena
  2. Good Morning all, Life is somewhat normal today. I have managed to do some laundry and dishes. The Disney Give a Day is starting to level out some. But as my co-assistant keeps saying "this is a good problem to have" and she is right. BB later on this evening. tena:hug
  3. Good evening, Things are starting to slow down and my assistant is able to help some. I haven’t done much else other then Linus and very basic family care since last Fri. So today I got busy and did some dishes and laundry in between calls and answering questions and collecting blankets. At least I’m not glued to the computer now that JoAnn is able to help. Beth: Thanks for the good thoughts, I can really use them. I’m glad you will be able to sleep in a bit Vicki: I’m glad you slept well, sorry your tummy wasn’t feeling well. Hope the job pans out for DH Colleen: I think my warranty ran out when I hit 50 Sarah: Hope you and your son get over your colds fast Mary: Sounds like a roll to me, Way to Go! Hi Chaya, sorry to hear of the passing of your client. :hiScooby, LeeAnn, Stacy, Judy, Joanne and everyone elso:hug Hope to be able to come to chat Fri night too, if I have a life by then I need to go back and read about this nookless thing, sounds interesting. I have been crocheting a few rows each night before I go to sleep, helps relax me. Have a good night you all, tena
  4. Good Morning Friends, Hope you had a happy and safe New Year. Mine started out with a BANG. I coordinate a local chapter of a volunteer children’s charity called Project Linus. Our organization (nationally) decided to partner with Disney in there Give a Day Get A day program. If you watch TV at all you might have seen the Muppets Disney commercial. Well let me tell you since 12:01 New Years Day I have been inundated with hundreds of emails and calls. Once someone contacts me I have to contact them to agree on a project, day and time. Then once they sign up I have to email them a project packets. SO I have been on this computer for 20 hours a day for the last 4 days. Talk about overwhelming! The up side is we will end up with hundreds of handmade blankets for children who are seriously ill or traumatized in our area and hopeful some new blanketeers. My house is (no words can explain it) The other adults in the family don’t see the need to do dishes or laundry to pick up after 3 kids So you can only imagine. I did try to crochet a few rows a day to de-stress on the shawl I am making for a swap. Oldest GS is back in school today and my princess will go to pre-school this afternoon. We had a snow day yesterday. We have at least 2 feet of snow here and more coming. I will try to read some past posts. I have missed you all. tena
  5. Good afternoon all, I’ll catch up on posts this evening, I am setting my timer for 15min at a time so I can stay focused and get something done today I started a hat last night very interesting stitch, it’s from the Crochet Un Cut online magazine. Coverable Be back later, tena
  6. Good evening all, How is everyone’s weekend going? Ours is very laid back. Kids are having fun with there new toys and games. The scarves are really nice Staci it is so nice you got to go skating and had such a good time Sarah, sounds like you all had a great time. My little guy is into trains too. Thomas is everywhere in our house. There is a very nice train afghan pattern in the December issue of Crochet World. I am planning on making it this year. to everyone else, Talk to you tomorrow, Nite all, tena
  7. OH Wow! What a wonderful surprise. It is beautiful
  8. :2hugGood Afternoon all, OH I missed the chat:( I think a New Years Eve chat would be fun, Hope everyone is recuperating from yesterday’s festivities and that everyone had a great Holiday. Our house looks like Thomas the Train’s Island moved into our living room and my kitchen is a remote control car/truck track around my breakfast bar. Everyone here had a great day, kids opened gifts at 3 different houses, not including xmas eve birthday party at MILs, with the traditional pajamas to open. I tried to start a hat for 2yo but cat is in a playful mood and won’t leave me alone, so I gave up. Coming down with a cold, glad is waited until after xams at least. I’ll check back in later today, waiting for the cable man to show up our cable box died at 2am xmas morning. Off to try the hat again, tena
  9. Mary, you are racking up the points Have a good day,
  10. Good Morning Friends, I have been cleaning and cleaning. Some stuff just has to wait for the last minute with 3 little one messing faster then I clean. I’ve also been working on crochet gifts, mostly hats and scarves Judy, that is a lot of snow. Sarah Joanne: I agree men and women defiantly have a different way of looking at things. Thanks for sharing pictures and don’t work to hard Winter has just begun here in Erie and I am tired of snow already. Beth: Hope getting DD up wasn’t to difficult Shannon, sorry your team lost Colleen Vicki: I’m glad your conference went well Scooby, Stacy, Jenn, Victoria, Frogger and anyone I missed LeaAnne sounds like a busy day at your place, Looks like I missed a fun chat, life just keeps getting in the way of my fun. A card a month sounds like a good idea. Get people to plan ahead Off to make breakfast Be back later, tena
  11. My GD4 did the same thing from 2 weeks old until we met a Dr who changed out life. But I’ll explain that later Look up holding back on the computer there is a lot of information on it. We found out white grape juice helps, less cheese, less milk, increase fiber. (Oatmeal raison cookies, muffins made with Raison Bran cereal) At 3 if she didn’t have any problem before this it could be a food allergy. If you can get Keefer Probiotic in your area, it puts the good bacteria back into you gut and helps digestion and constipation. Since Shelby’s was a chronic problem and ended up after being told over and over that is was holding back, then we found out she has a spastic Colin with constipation. Now she is on a daily laxative and drinks 28-32 oz of Keefer Probiotic Shake daily. Works wonderful! This shake is sold in the organic area in the refrigerator of the supermarket, anyone can drink it. It has a yogurt base and come in different flavors. I am not a doctor so make sure that there isn’t an underlying problem. tena
  12. Hi all, sorry I’ve been MIA. Still not back to my old self yet, but getting there. I worked on the cowl for the other grandma last night. Hi Pauline Beth: he is defiantly a keeper Judy: have fun:bday Colleen: I’m like you I would much rather crochet then mop. But I’m mopping floors right along with you today. Extended family keeps changing plans for Christmas. The big meal will now be at MILs. I will have people here for the “7am kids opening gifts ceremony” Then make breakfast and lunch for anyone still here. DD and SO/dad will pick up kids and take them to see his side of the family and then bring them over to MILs for supper. It is such an overwhelming day for them. Too many people they don’t know expecting them to behave. I wish we could do a gift a day kind of thing; it would help them understand the joy of giving not just the manic opening of gifts that seems to happen. Today I am doing dishes, some laundry (got caught up over the weekend so not so bad now),plan on sweeping and mopping the kitchen/dinning room floor. I will be happy to get those done today. No get up and go today. Spent yesterday morning running our monthly charity meeting anddelivered blankets to the shelter. Came home to dd letting the kids eat candy canes so I’m sure you all can picture the sugar high they were on. :loco:loco:loco Not sure what I am making for supper tonight yet. I guess I better get Shelby ready for school. I’ll check in later on today Have a Happy Tuesday everyone, tena
  13. nite all, going to go in a more confy chair. tena
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