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  1. ok day 3 is done actually I made two things today. Kym is my youngest son girlfriend so I ask him what kindof hat to make her he said a beanie hat. So I made a ribbed hat and I wasn't really happy with it. So I made her a headband hat with a flower on it. I liked that much better. Now I will see which one he likes better. Now I off to bed. Pauly
  2. Kraftnkrazy love your potholder and leaf dishcloth. And the fingerless are cute. Well I didn't any thing done on my day 2 project yet. I did get so much need house cleaned done. I still need to get my CHRISTmas tree down and put away. Maybe tomorrow. Now I going to crochet for a while before bed.
  3. OH YA I got my first day project done even got all the tails tucked in and cut. So happy with the scarf. On a sad note Nebraska loss there football game.Oh well there is always next year. Hope everyone has a Good night. Pauly
  4. Ok today is day 1 as I watching Nebraska in the Capital One Bowl GO BIG RED. I will be finish up Kym's scarf that I started 3 months ago. As the other here as stated I know I will probably wander from my list but I need a started point and have a lot of WIP that would only take a couple of hours to finish up. Hope everybody has a GREAT first day of 2013. Pauly
  5. I'm going to join in here. I need to finish up some WIP plus I want to get started on some CHRISTmas presents for 2013. Sometimes if I try to set long term goals I lose interst and get bored and don't follow thru with them. But doing it 15 days at a time should be pretty easy for me to follow. I know I will have plenty of time to stay on track the first 6 days becauce I don't back to work until the 7th. after that I will probably need lots of encouragement to keep on track. Here is my list for the first 15 days 1-:clapfinish up Kym's scarf 2-make polar bear slippers (I promised to make for a friend) plus crochet around so polar bear fleece. 3- make Kym a hat to match her scarf (pattern yet to be decided on) 4- finish up a shawl for my sister and mail it. 5- finish up the AG doll outfit(wip) 6-finish up pink round ripple afghan (wip I found in the closet) 7- make dishclothes (2013 CHRISTmas presents for co-worker) 8-start a round ripple for CHRISTmas 2013 9-make Miss Anyia a hat (already have the pattern and yarn) 10-work on the rr for CHRISTmas 11-make mittens to match Miss Anyia 12-make doll's clothes (need to decide on what kind ) 13- work on the rr for CHRISTmas 14-make Ashtyn hat (need to get yarn for it) 15- make Ashtyn mittens to match hat Happy New Years everybody and Happy Hoooking Pauly
  6. Glad that you liked everything Kraftnkrazy. I had alot of fun putting it together. I love those blankets.They are so soft and warm. Merry CHRISTmas and Happy HOOKing in the New Year Pauly
  7. THANKS Kraftnkrazy for posting pics. Now everyone are see what a Wonderful package I got. Pauly
  8. Oh my I received a wonderful package from my partner KraftnKrazy. It was all beautiful and I loved everything in it. Thank you. The box was so full that when I cut the tape it popped open. Oh yes I loved everything. Here is what was in my package....... a book Angel Craft all kind od Angel projects 2 lil kwepie dolls. notepad that has magnets on the back and has some good thing Chocolate pics on the front some k-cup coffee (some that I haven't tried) 2 angels for my CHRISTmas Tree lil homemade CHRISTmas tree Sooo Sooo cute black and white crocheted bag a green dishcloth with a srubber on the top of it musical snowglobe with a angel inside it is dated 2012 (my youngest grandaughter tells that is my that is her inside the snowglobe. Ya right Miss Anyia) an Angel Nutcracker And She made me a Crocheted Angel She made up the pattern for it herself. (My son that we should put her on top of the tree but for right now she is sitting on my table) Everything just perfect. Thank you. I wish I could share Pic with you all so you could see what a beautiful package it is but I don't have a camera right now. If KraftnKrazy took pics of it before she send my stuff Please could you post them here. Oh ya more thing on the address she put Grammy Roberts the mailman got a Good laugh out of that when he delivered my package.
  9. Anyone know where I can find a pattern for slippers that look like Polar Bear Feet. thanks Pauly
  10. I wish I might. I wish I could have the Wishes I wish tonight. 1. any kind of fleece any size. To use to make blankets for Toys for Tots. 2. 12 or 14 inch template for the Edgerydoo. 3. Any size doll clothes patterns. 4. Bamboo or wooden handle crochet hooks in sizes D, E, and F. 5. Any chocolate of Jelly Belly (jelly beans) 6. Grove Square k-cup coffe Carmel Cappuccino or Medium Roast is my favorite but like them all. (My Walmart discontined selling them). 7. CHRISTmas cards. 8. Anything made by you for me. 9.Any help and support with my new Kindle Fire HD. I know nothing about but I want to get the most out of it. So if you have one and have any suggestion for me that would be very helpful. 10.Any patterns that I could make for my 4 grandkids ages 12.8, and 2-five years. (my little 5 year old granddaughter looooves anything that I crochet. She begs me to make her things). Merry CHRISTmas and the BEST to everybody in the 2013 Pauly
  11. So glad you liked everything I sent you. I had so much fun putting this together for you. It is funny that weend each other the same kind of chocolates.
  12. oh I got my package from kittyloverdeb oh my did I get spoiled Thank you very much Love it all Here is what my package had in it. 3 skein of vanna's choice yarn in taupe 3 skeins of vanna's choice yarn in olive 3 skeins of vanna's choice yarn in brick ( I plan on use this yarn to make the retro wrap that was on the cover of the Crochet World ) Crochet 123 magazine cute snowman notebook note pad package of k-cup cafe escapes caramel coffee (Yummy) lindor chocolates (great mind thinks alike) 2 hand crochet towel hangers beautiful one is CHRISTmas color with a CHRISTmas towel and the other is green with a towel with leaves on it. very pretty dishcloth that is brown orange and red tooo pretty to use. It will go on my table for Thankgiving will put either flowers or a candle on it. and a CHRISTmas color dishcloth which will be put on the table at my house for everybody to see will put a candle on it. to pretty to use for dishes. Everything is so nice Thank you kittyloverdeb.
  13. I just sent my partner KraftynKrazy a email back. This is going to be a Fun Swap
  14. My package Kittlovdeb is just about ready to go out, I finished up make one last thing last night. Pauly
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