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  1. Ok I'm getting ready to start one of these. I using Red Heart Super Saver yarn in Buff and Aran. It will be a light color one. I have two questions for all of you that have done these.1) do you make strip or blocks and then sew the blocks together? 2) I using a K hook because I crochet very loose so it that about the right size hook to use? Thank you
  2. That is beautifully. I love the color. I'm making a adult and I'm only on row 40. So I have a long way to go yet. Thank for sharing the pic.
  3. Thank you all for all the good advice. They all help. I will try them and see what is the best for me.
  4. I got started on mine to night. I using Red Heart one. Making a adult one in royal blue.I have two question. My first one is has anyone used Caron Simply Soft yarn to make a snugglie. And how do you keep track of all of your st. in each row.Sometimes I add stitch or loose st. on each row there are so many, (143) So when I do a row I count each stitch on each row but that gets old really fast. And if someone says some thing I lose count so I have to rip that row out and start counting off. Anybody have a easier way to keep track of all the st.Please share it with me. Thanks.
  5. I really want to join this. I need to make some. So I will try after this weekend to get started. But I crochet very loose so I not sure what size hook to use.
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