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  1. Does it have to be a specific pattern? Or can it be any kind of scarf?
  2. esiepiela

    Pattern Help

    Hi all...in the very near future I want to make this poncho http://www.yarnspirations.com/pattern/crochet/gift-poncho I'm not good at all with following pattern directions but this one appears fairly easy and I am DYING to make a poncho. My question is...it looks like you need two different color yarns....do you hold them both together? or is one for the poncho and the other for the border? Please help and thanks in advance!
  3. Hey...we just moved to East Greenville, PA. It's about 20 minutes from Quakertown and Allentown...and right next to Pennsburg. Is anyone close by????
  4. I wanted to thank Lizard for the beautiful afghans that I received yesterday! I will be stopping by the Valley Youth House next week with a delivery!! The afghans that Lizard sent are absoutely beautiful...and they are going to a good home! Thanks again!!!!
  5. I can't tell you how excited I am that even one person responded to this message! I know that there are tons of organizations out there that do fantastic work for people in need, from the elderly to infants. The Valley Youth House has really touched my heart and moved me. These kids are at such a critical time in their lives. To know that someone out there cares about them could just make all the difference and give them hope. Hope that people out there aren't as horrible as the people in their own familes that they have been exposed to. Thank you both for responding and being there for these kids.
  6. Hey All...I have to admit. I haven't been on here in a LONG time. Work, family and other activities have kept me away. I don't know how possiblel this is but I wanted to throw this out there....you all let me know what you think. I volunteer for a local organization called the Valley Youth House. This organization helps abused (physically and sexually) children as well as homeless familes. I probably should start with some introduction. I work as the assistant manager of an apartment complex in Allentown, PA. Every year for Christmas we collect gifts, toys and items that are needed by these children for the holidays. If not for the out pouring of the community these kids would have have no holiday at all. That is not the reason for my message here though. Durning this past holiday I has the opportunity to speak to a case manager for a specific house that houses 6 to 8 boys who have been legally removed from their homes due to neglect, physical or sexual abuse. We spoke about the need of these children and the funding that is actually available to this house and it appears that there is hardly any. The case manager must wait until there are clearance sales and items like blankets are maked down to less than $20 in order to be able to afford things for these children. I know its alot to ask, especially with shipping. But I was wondering if anyone would be willing to donate a blanket, afghan or anything to these children. I have two boys the ages of these kids who range from 11 to 18 and to think that someone would hurt them like they have been hurt just breaks my heart. I do everything that I can, personally, professionally and financially for this organization and have never found one that i feel this passionately about. I just feel that what I do isn't enough. If anyone is interested in helping, making afghans, donating any crocheted items...please email me at esiepiela AT aol DOT com. Please include Valley Youth House in the subject line so I don't think its spam. I know that there is need all over the US and world, especially with what has recently happened in Haiti. I just have this personal pull towards this organization. I have seen the kids involved, spoken to them, volunteered. They should know that people care...it gives them hope and encouragement. Please let me know what you think! Thanks Emily
  7. esiepiela


    Hey Everyone...hope you are all well! I am looking for the name of something so I can find a pattern...I will do my best to describe it. Its kinda like a hat but not. It goes around the head and is wide...some button in the back...covers your ears and forehead but your hair kinda hangs out the back. Does that make sense? OH BOY..not sure if I explained that right but does anyone know what I am talking about? I had searched for patterns using so many different words and still can't find it. Thanks in advance for your assistance with this!
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