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  1. Does it have to be a specific pattern? Or can it be any kind of scarf?
  2. Great job...its beautiful! It looks like your puppy loves it as well!
  3. I HAVE FINISHED ANOTHER ONE!!! I am so excited. I love the way it came out. This is a Christmas present for my 16 year old nephew! Its done in Navy and a varagated blue!!!! Check it out on my flickr page!!!!!!
  4. Hey everyone! I am doing another Flannelghan! I totally love this pattern. This time I am doing it in Cape Cod Blue and Country Basket which is a varagated blue. I have all the info on my Ravelry page but no pictures yet. Also I am using Caron One Pound..I LOVE THAT YARN!
  5. A friend taught my to crochet alittle over one year ago...I am a late bloomer at 36!
  6. I usually buy my Caron Pounders at AC Moore...I take the 40% off coupon and get one at a time! It comes out to be alittle less than $5.00 per skien. If I need more than one at a time and don't have time to buy them in advance, I print off several coupons from the website and send my kids through the line with a skien and a coupon! It works out well!!!
  7. THANKS! I am very excited about it. I am making some kind of blanket for all the kids this year for Christmas. I have been asking all of them what their favorite colors are. This one was pink and blue and when I found the rose color and the azure blue in the Caron they looked great side by side so I went with it! I am very happy with the way it came out!
  8. I am SO excited!! I FINISHED ANOTHER ONE...you can check it out at http://www.flickr.com/photos/esiepiela/2361135230/ This one is for my oldest neice for Christmas!!!! I love the way it came out. The pink isn't as bright in person...it looks really nice!
  9. I Am So Excited...i Finished My First Flannelghan..you Can See It One My Flickr Page Or On Ravelry.
  10. I am in the process of making my first Flannelghan (I have one more strip to finish..then I am going to whipstitch them together) my question is about the border. I have noticed that some people have done different borders around the outside. I am not sure that to do...I am still a beginner so I could handle the first row with the HDC but I am not sure about the rest...and also....do you use 2 strands of yarn together for the border also???? THanks in advance for the help!
  11. I am so EXCITED...I have finally started my FIRST Flannelghan!!! I used my Christmas gift cards and bought yarn (Caron) over the weekend and started!!! I LOVE IT SO FAR! Its awesome!
  12. ITS BEAUTIFUL! Great job!!! I can't wait to start making mine...I have 2 project to finish before I can start anything else
  13. I do almost everything INCLUDING crochet with my left hand....but I shoot a gun with my right!
  14. Sorry...I forgot to ask something else...how much yarn did you use. I figure when I finally get around to making one (I can't wait) I will use the Pounders but I don't know how many to buy.
  15. What kind of yarn did everyone use to make this afgan?????
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