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  1. OH!! I love that. If you happen to find the pattern, would you link it, please?
  2. Very pretty - cheap is awesome!!!
  3. I work with PDF files everyday (my job) and am always printing just sections. I would recommend that they look at their print options.
  4. I make tons of scarfs with that yarn. It is wonderful and everybody loves them.
  5. Oh - I like those - I found the pattern and am going to make some! Thank you for sharing!!
  6. Thank you! I will try that!
  7. crochetgirl21

    Bag Yarn?

    I want to make some bags and am unsure of what yarn to use. I have red heart, Vanna's Choice and then the Lily Sugar N Cream yarn. What is the best to use? I preferably don't want it to stretch too much. Also, what stitch is the best? Thank you!
  8. Good job! It is really pretty.
  9. Hopefully mine will make it - it will go in tomorrows mail from the West Coast!
  10. Wow! This one is my favorite one so far! I love the colors. You do such amazing work - I hope that someday (soon) I can make a bag like that!
  11. I have found that it is the homemade things that my Mom loves the most. It doesn't matter if it is just a handmade card or a cheesecake, just something that shows how much I love her. This got me thinking - she said that she wants a toilet paper cover - I will get on it.
  12. Wow! I would cling to that one also! It is terrific! I would make her another one in the same color but with maybe a different brand of yard since the other one is discontinued.
  13. Wow - I am sorry for your loss. I am sure that it was hard after being married for 40 years! My thoughts are with you!
  14. That looks great! I am sure your daughter will love it!
  15. How can you go wrong with ripples?? Yours look great! I am sure that they will be treasured.
  16. Awesome! That will be cherished for years to come!
  17. What is wrong with the picture? I think that it looks great! I only dream of doing a doily like that!
  18. That looks amazing for a scrap ripple! Good job.
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