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  1. Keep it! I have a hard time giving my stuff away until I make something new that I like better! Your blanket is lovely!
  2. Looks great! I can never get my squares to look square but yours is awesome!
  3. crochetgirl21

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    Beautiful work!
  4. I sent two out today! Hopefully next year, I will be a little more prepared!
  5. It looks great! I turn most of mine because I have a horrible time gauging and always make it wider than longer.
  6. I am so sorry - I was not able to go yesterday - the day got away. When do you need it by? (I am a college student and do better with deadlines:)
  7. That is such a neat idea! Cute. If you really want to make them, see if somebody else will deal with the scented stuff for you.
  8. I got some last year from Joanns. I think that Walmart used to carry it also. Are you trying to find girly backyardigans fabric? I will look at joanns tomorrow.
  9. Good! I am always correcting people - my standard response is, "the only thing that knitting needles are good for is poking people." They get it and don't make the same mistake twice. I am proud to be a crocheter and not a knitter
  10. How fitting - somebody is sure going to be lucky!!
  11. I really like yours! You are getting me inspired to use up my stash to make one!
  12. I have made burp cloths for years. Most Moms seem to like the bigger ones because then Dads will take a turn:) I have always used flannel and would not recommend anything else because most other fabrics won't absorb. Good Luck!
  13. Thank you for posting this - I will buy some yarn tomorrow!
  14. Wow - those are amazing. You should be proud that you are doing something like that for your nieces. I have an afghan my aunt made before she passed away. I have it put away so that I can have it once I have my own house. It is my most cherished blanket. Good job!
  15. Thank you - I am going to make one of those next!
  16. I love your blanket. I have seen several similar but have never seen a pattern. Would you share where you got yours or where I can find it?
  17. Cute - somebody will be very happy for it!~
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