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  1. WOW - Thank you to the wonderful elf in MN! I received a beautiful purple purse that is perfect for small projects to take with me! Also, I received three yummy looking gluten-free recipes that I cannot wait to try! Thank you for making my Wednesday!!!
  2. WOW - Thank you to the elf in PA! I came home after an awful Monday to a package in the mail! It was my very first crocheted purse (I would take a picture but I am camera-illiterate! I can't wait to use it! Thank you so much for thinking of me! Lori
  3. This looks fun - I am looking forward to granting some wishes! I am a 24 year old full-time worker and part-time student. My favorite color is purple Here are mine: Doily that you made - I love doilies! A crocheted purse - any color (I know I can dream) Received two beautiful ones! Kitchen items - blue/purple/pink Any Gluten-Free Recipes that you have tried and liked - Received three and tried an excellent one! Any color Hobby Lobby I love this yarn or cotton - we don't have one here and I would love to try it! Received two beautiful Blue Skeins of ILTC Anything for scrapbooking cards - Received ribbon and tape! A lighted crochet hook - any size Anything handmade by you Anything chocolate with nuts for my Mom - Mom got and consumed a bag of Almond Hershey kisses Thank you!
  4. Those are lovely - Wish I could have done that after nine months!
  5. Amazing - you totally deserve it! Your hooks are absolutely beautiful and wonderful to work with.
  6. Wow - that is absolutely beautiful!
  7. That is too cute! My boss would love the sunflower!!
  8. That turned out wonderful. I have used your pattern many times for the skinny scarf - however my Mom gives them away before I get a picture!
  9. That is beautiful! I am sure that she will love it!
  10. :clapTHANK YOU to the ELF in Winsted, CT! I literally screamed when my Mom told me that I got a package in the mail! I just had foot surgery this morning so it is doubly awesome. She included a beautiful shawl and a red ornament!!! THANKS!:manyheart I can't wait until I can sit up and use it! THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!
  11. Good job! Your cards look fabulous! People love home-made cards over boughten regardless of what you think of them! I have gotten to the point where I don't even spend as much on gifts because people like the cards more!
  12. I got the most WONDERFUL surprise in the mail today!! Thank you Brooklyn ELF!!! My very first stitch markers and a beautiful hook bag! They are AWESOME! I feel so loved
  13. This is new to me - I am looking forward to an exciting December. Here is my wish list: Anything handmade by you (I make things and give them all away) Any Harlequin Romance books (Foot surgery Dec 18, need something to read!) - used is great! A handmade purse/bag A homemade hook - anything bigger than G (I can dream ) A pretty doily I love this yarn (bright color) - Have read so much about it but we don't have a Hobby Lobby Sugar-Free chocolate with nuts Gluten-Free easy recipes A food donation to your local food bank!
  14. Their website says that they will be doing another shipment in November for anybody that wants to do more.
  15. That is awesome - I work in the construction industry and would LOVE to get that pattern! Will you please write it out for us?
  16. Beautiful - I really want to get CroJulee's pattern - maybe I will put that on my christmas wish list!
  17. Wow - how precious - every stitch will fill you with memories of your Dad. That is amazing - you have a priceless gift from him.
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