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  1. I have a friend that wants to knit slippers for her boyfriend but is not sure what type of yarn to use? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. You could do a relaxing one - like some tea bags and a homemade neck warmer. (rice & flannel) You have great ideas so far.
  3. WOOOOHOOOO!!!! Sorry to keep you in suspense! I just got home from work and there was a package. My Mom was like, what's this. I couldn't believe it!!! I am sooo lucky! I absolutely love it!! Thank you so much! That is the second thing good that happened today. I found out I can pass my class with a D! I feel sooo blessed! THANKKKKKSSSSS!!!!!
  4. Oh - Please add me to the list - I would love to have some brights!
  5. I love it - add me please I have a dumb question though - Will a bag made like that still stretch with a liner? (This is for my future knowledge)
  6. Please, please, please add me! That sounds so awesome
  7. Those are awesome - my "second" Mom made one for my Mom and I copied the idea - I am making them for Christmas gifts. I couldn't find pot holders so I went to Joanns and bought quilters backing and put the bias (I think thats what it is called) tape around it. They take less then 30 minutes to make and many people love them! bgs - I think that it would go through your machine - it worked fine in mine.
  8. Wow - seeing yours makes me want to start another one!
  9. Oh my - looks great but scares me EEEK. (I don't like scary things and won't get near them)
  10. I have been crocheting since I was in my early teens. What amazes me is how many don't know what crochet even is. I am proud of what I do even though I have one (out of 4) sisters that says it is "impractical." The others always want my finished projects. I will continue teaching young people and doing it myself so that it doesn't become a lost art. We hear so much about knitting clubs and not so much about crochet clubs.
  11. So cute! She looks like me I would love to have a chance at her.
  12. Beautiful! I tried to make that pattern but decided that I liked the plain ripples better. Yours looks way better than the beginning of mine did!
  13. Please enter me!! I would be sooo happy to get your patterns. I have been eyeing them since you put them up! Lori
  14. I received the best surprise in the world today! A gift all the way from Poland. I was so excited, I ripped it right open! It contained a beautiful butterfly doily, a candle in a candle doily and a bookmark - all in purple!!! I don't know what I did to deserve all of it but boy do I feel special! THank you FGM! I am going to attempt to post the picture from my new camera.
  15. I don't think that you will get any criticism! They look lovely! Great job.
  16. Oh my - That takes me back to my childhood! My sister had a doll similiar that I always stole. Please add me to the drawing! Lori
  17. I'm interested! That is a beautiful bag! Anybody would be honored to receive it!
  18. Thank you to the MI Elf! I received the prettiest doily!! In purple - eeeek! It is so beautiful! I can't wait to put it on my shelf!! Thanks again (I bought a new camera so hopefully I will be able to post a pic at some point)
  19. Your giving away a doily?? MEEEEE - I LOVE pretty things and doilies just haven't come out quite like I would like for me. I would be honored to have one
  20. I would love a doily - All of them I make don't look quite "right."
  21. It feels like Santa came today!! I received the most amazing - thoughtful box today in the mail from Texas! It contained two beautiful skeins of ILTC in blue! I can't wait to make something for my kitchen! Also, there were mounting squares, ribbon and a bead stacker that will be awesome for my cards. In addition to all of that for me, my elf was so thoughtful as to include some chocolate almond kisses for my mom! THANK YOU!!!!! (I really do have to figure out my camera...hmm maybe I will buy myself a christmas gift in June
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