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  1. Welcome Back - Please enter me - I am quilting again.
  2. Since I can't crochet for a couple of more months (Hand surgery) I sewed a blanket! What a year this has been so far! The pink backing was super easy to sew and the front one not so much.
  3. Absolutely beautiful! You did awesome for it being your first one!
  4. Well - thanks for all your input - I am trying another one for a girl because of course after all that stressing to get this one done, she had a girl this morning, Maci Rayanne (both parent's middle name combined). Even though this is niece/nephew number 10, I am super excited! One question though - Can I go opposite ways everytime I change the color or do I need to do it every round? Thanks for your help!
  5. Here is my baby boy blanket - I wouldn't have chosen these colors but they were in my stash and went well together. It is for my sister-in-law if she has a boy tomorrow (I have a girl blanket that I finished months ago) Can anybody enlighten me on why the center looks scewed? Thanks, Lori
  6. Beautiful bag! My first thought was wedding! I will have to make something similiar to that!
  7. That is funny! Thanks for sharing!
  8. My favorite is the sunflower one! Great job!
  9. Do you make those yourself? My Grandfather made wooden pens for years. Unfortunately we lost him suddenly and unexpectedly last Wednesday. I am hoping to start woodworking soon. I would love to be entered to win such an amazing pen!
  10. When and where will this pattern be available? I would love to make it one my wrist heals!
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