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    crocheting, knitting, baking, scrapbooking, crossstich
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    bag, scarf, poncho
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  1. dawife

    My new hats

    Thanks a lot Lis Chris, patter hat 1 you can get in ravelry. I got it from there Yes...white is my fav too Many thanks Scotkat Hi Carovan......do you know some Dutch words. Nice you still have your relatives in Holland. Groetjes Pattern hat 1 I got from ravelry.com. Title pattern divine hat. Pattern 2 i got from magazine. If you like I can send it to you. Just give me your email address Hi hookonU, pattern the white one I got from ravelry, title pattern divine hat. Hi.....thank you so much Only pattern 1 online in ravelry. pattern 2 I got from magazine, but I can send to you. Just give me you email address Thank you. White ( actuallly blue) hat pattern I got from ravelry, and hat 2 I got from crochet magazine Thank you Cher Yes...thats the one. You are right she has nice site and patterns Many thanks Thank you As I understand....you want make a hat with homespun. Probably possible to make it, but I never tried before.
  2. dawife

    My new hats

    I made recently 2 hats and these all for my boys.
  3. Hi All, Finally I can visit here again after moving from Holland to Dubai. Sooooooo nice here and warm. Thanks a lot again for warm welcome from all of you. My finger will dancing again.
  4. Dear all, Thanks a lot for warm welcome from all of you. Sorry long time no visit here. Very busy prepare for moving to our new base home. Nice to know all of you. Yanti
  5. dawife

    Sassy Ruffles

    Thanks a lot Monique. Handle I ordered from UK
  6. This is my first crochet bag since I came back again crocheting. Yarn I bought from local store, not exactly same as in the book but I satisfied with the result. Pattern I got from "Crochet bag by Candi Jensen." Some of my friend already ordered it....with the same yarn . Wish me luck
  7. Hi all, Just joint this forum today. I'm Yanti originally from Indonesia, living now in Holland, have 2 small boys and 1 big boy:D. Long time I didn't do crochet...have to do more and more now. Hope I can get more knowledge here. Cheers:cheer
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