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  1. Does any one know of other (foreign to U.S.) I have been searching for crochet edges, and have come across pictures from "barradinhos crochet" I'm finding several pics but not sure where the resources are to get the magazines (and patterns). Any one know of a source to purchase ?
  2. can you direct me to the pattern and a picture of the ABC Baby Afghan? thanks
  3. What is a dog snuggle? a blanket? or ? thanks
  4. Purple is my favorite color!! Can someone explain why it would be an intermediate? I can't see the "detail" I would like to see... Is it pieced together? Is there varigated color in it? or is it lots of color choices? Its beautiful, just not sure if I would make it without just a bit more information. Thanks.
  5. They are really cute, what possibilities that opens up using cards!
  6. Does any one have a source in the U.S. for a King Cole Pattern 2000 ? Its a teddy bear, knitted; very cute using "Sprinkles" Yarn. oops, just realizing the board is for crochet...
  7. that is beautiful!! great work, and great pattern!
  8. I am trying to find the Lily Victoria charm #570817 booklet and the Lily Around the Seasons #570814 booklet. I found them on the web, sent an email, and was told to contact bernat yarns, I can see one of them online, but no where to actually buy them. I've tried looking in a few retail stores and while I can find a couple booklets, not these 2 specific ones. Does any one know where they can actually be purchased? thanks.
  9. What pattern and is it a crochet bear? thanks
  10. Exquisite! Love the colors... beautiful, very beautiful.
  11. I really love the look of thread crochet. I am wondering if I'm just inpatient or whether I'm just too old to see what I'm doing and how to hold on to the thread? Every thing is so small. I've tried #3 thread and it just seems so sloppy, its very difficult to hold on to the starting chain and be consistent with the size of the chain and I know the starting chain is important. Is anyone in the 50+ age that has been successful with thread crochet? I'm very tempted to take back the thread I haven't opened. I've tried a few ornaments, a wreath, nothing difficult... I have a book coming on doilies, but I just don't see it getting better and/or easier. waaah .... LOL
  12. I was at Joann's today and they had for sale the Knifty Knitter set for around $12 -- do they work? is it possibly a way to get in to knitting? or would you consider it more a child's kind of thing (like the old loom loop potholder maker)
  13. So is one of the keys to learning to knit holding the yarn? I've been reading about continental or the English; and some places say if you crochet, you may like continental because you already hold the yarn in your left hand (if you are right handed and crochet). My question is, I know I don't wrap the yarn over and/or around my fingers while crocheting; but is this part of the success on learning to knit based on how the thread is held?
  14. Absolutely beautiful! Can you estimate how many hours it took you to complete? I'd also like to know where the pattern came from, what book or online? Thanks.
  15. What all do you make with cotton yarn? I'm really enjoying working with Lily's brand and Elmore-Pisgah Peaches and Creme too. So far all I've made is washcloths. Besides potholders, what else would you make with the yarn? Thanks for suggestions.
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