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  1. I learned how to knit and crochet by first making dishcloths. I loved the colors the cotton yarn came in and the dishcloths were small projects that still introduced me to new stitches and techniques. I've never actually used any of the dishcloths that I've made though, they're all just sitting in a bin under my bed. I love your tri color dishcloth though, you could make a whole kitchen set like that with a pot holder and place mats!
  2. Those are great! I bet they will be the best presents your children's teachers will get. I was actually thinking of making a big one out of cotton yarn for my large iced coffees from dunkin donuts because they leak condensation everywhere.
  3. I will be able to make squares but I probably won't be able to join in the joining, I work at a portrait studio and November is the beginning of our very busy holiday season. There is no way they will let me have a Sunday off. They barely even let me have Sunday's off now and it's our slow(er) season! -Shannon
  4. Pine street inn is a homeless shelter in Boston that also gives people permanent housing and helps them get their lives back on track. They are having their annual fund-raiser and as part of that they are collecting 9x9inch squares to sew into blankets so each person moving into their new home will have a nice new blanket to keep them warm. The squares can be any colors any yarn they can be knit or crochet all they ask is that you weave in your ends and mark them as hand wash or machine wash. I know this comes at a busy time of year when everyone is starting to work on their holiday projects but every square helps. Here is the link to their site if anyone wants to check it out http://www.pinestreetinn.org/events.php?id=329 The address to send the squares to is also listed there. Thanks in advance to anyone who sends in a square. -Shannon
  5. Welcome from Shannon just North of Boston
  6. At least 4 to 6 weeks I would say. I usually buy it off the rack that way if there are patterns i'm not that crazy about I just don't buy it. -Shannon
  7. WOW I wish I could find stuff like that when I go to yard sales. and I wish I didn't have to work in the morning every weekend so I could go to more yard sales.
  8. Well I just pulled the skeins out of the wash and they came out perfectly clean and not a tangled mess! Huzzah! I put them in the dryer, I wonder how long it will take them to dry, especially the one pounder, it's so thick. And I have to say that for some reason the wet red heart yarn felt so ICKY it sent shivers through me. I always thought it was wet wool that I couldn't bear to touch but I think it's wet acrylic. Although the caron yarn did not give me the same reaction. I wonder why the red heart is so much scratchier. They're both 100% acrylic. -Shannon
  9. Well I just sprayed the two skeins down with the oxy clean, hopefully that will help remove the red soda stains and I put them into a pillow case since I couldn't find any nylons (can never find them when I need them I swear) and put them into the washing machine. Now I'm crossing my fingers and hoping this works. Thanks for the suggestions -Shannon
  10. Hey everyone sorry I haven't been around much lately but I've been busy with work and now that the nice weather is finally here I've been fishing and swimming and on vacation and doing a little crochet here and there. Now more to the point of my post... Unfortunately my dear boyfriend spilled a whole bunch of cherry diet dr pepper on a couple skeins of yarn one is a one pounder of caron white and the other is a variegated red heart baby yarn. Neither yarn has ever been used and I don't want to throw it away I hope there is some way I can wash it and have it come out ok. Thanks all -Shannon
  11. That is so cute I bet my sister would love it she's crazy about whales. What issue of Crochet Today was it from?
  12. Finally here is a picture of what I have done so far on the snowflake afghan. I've been putting the blue on and then weaving in the ends as I go and putting the rows together as I go too although I've had enough to make a new row now for a while and I haven't done it yet. I just keep putting more blue on.
  13. I actually finished it before Christmas last year I just forgot to post it =)
  14. I made this stocking for my friend and co-worker Keri. She has been asking me for 2 years to make her a stocking, this year I finally got around to it. She loved it of course and wanted one for her husband Mark. I had all the pieces crocheted but I never sewed up the seam or sewed the cuff on or cross stitched his name on it. Maybe he will get his this year =) I used the free holly stocking pattern from Coats and Clark but I didn't put the holly on and I cross stitched her name on it. Here is the pattern http://www.coatsandclark.com/Crafts/Crochet/Projects/Seasonal/WR1561+Crochet+Holly+Stocking.htm Hope you enjoy!
  15. I found this video on youtube, they show you how to wind it into a cake around your thumb but i'm sure you could do the same thing just around the TP roll.
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