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    I have a lot of things that I like to bounce around to do
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    UPS Loader/Unloader and Saterday Air Driver
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    Things that I make up my self
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    About 1995 when my mom showed me how to double crochet
  1. And that is the last Village symbol. Next are the 5 elements: earth, wind, water, fire, and lightning.
  2. I actualy turn the pattern upside down and crochet it that way and yes all of them are done with a size I hook.
  3. The patterns are hand drawn on a standard cambridge 8 1/2in X 11in graph paper except for the Leaf pattern. That is done with smaller costom made graph paper. I use a size I hook (5.50mm) and I crochet them upsided down in single crochet. As for yarn type I have never really cared what it is made out of just the color. If anyone wants to talk Naruto feel free to e-mail me. My next projects that I am going to work on are something from Bleach the anime and Halo the game.
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