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    I have a lot of things that I like to bounce around to do
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    UPS Loader/Unloader and Saterday Air Driver
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    About 1995 when my mom showed me how to double crochet
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    Things that I make up my self
  1. The kanji Rai (Thunder)
  2. The Kanji Mizu (Water)
  3. The kanji Tsuchi (Earth)
  4. And that is the last Village symbol. Next are the 5 elements: earth, wind, water, fire, and lightning.
  5. The Village Hidden in the Stone
  6. The Village Hidden in the Clouds
  7. The Village Hidden in the Sound
  8. I actualy turn the pattern upside down and crochet it that way and yes all of them are done with a size I hook.
  9. The Village Hidden in the Moon
  10. The patterns are hand drawn on a standard cambridge 8 1/2in X 11in graph paper except for the Leaf pattern. That is done with smaller costom made graph paper. I use a size I hook (5.50mm) and I crochet them upsided down in single crochet. As for yarn type I have never really cared what it is made out of just the color. If anyone wants to talk Naruto feel free to e-mail me. My next projects that I am going to work on are something from Bleach the anime and Halo the game.
  11. The Village Hidden in the Leaves
  12. The Village Hidden in the Snow
  13. The Village Hidden in the Grass