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  1. This is a crochet tutu set I made with the matching headband for a client I met on Instagram. She wanted the colors peach and cream since they were from Georgia. I thought the gold accent would look great with it.
  2. A client asked me to create pink/turquoise matching pillows for her twin daughters Alexa and Aleeah.
  3. A client asked me to create a poncho and diaper cover with the child's name on the backside.
  4. My friend just celebrated his daughter Chloe first birthday. I always make things for her every chance I get.I also made a matching headband. Her mom loved it!
  5. Sencere1221

    AKA girl

    I made my sister the same heart hat and scarf set. She said she was in Walmart and a lady stopped her and asked where she got her set from and she told her I made it for her. My sister called me and told me someone else wanted a set and asked if it was okay for her to give her my number. I said it was totally fine and when I spoke to her the next day she mentioned being an AKA and she wanted the same set my sister had with green and pink. I ended up doing an extra hat for her because she wanted to incorporate the rose, which is very important to that sorority. When doing my research I found that 20 pearls signifies the 20 original members that started the organization, so I put 20 pearls on the rose of the slouchy hat. She absolutely loves it!
  6. I did these a few months ago for a client. I thought the color combination was really cute!
  7. Sencere1221

    He cried!

    My brother in law is the biggest Detroit Tigers fan I know. His favorite past-time was to watch ALL of their games with his grandparents, who were also huge fans. Once they transitioned years ago he continued with his tradition. October of 2013, I decided to start a blanket to embody that past-time. I would work on it sparingly due to a very hectic schedule but when I found out a couple of months ago that he'd be coming from Texas to spend Thanksgiving with us in Georgia I knew it had to be done by that time. My husband picked him up from the airport and I had the blanket laying on the bed in the guest room. So when he took his things in the room he just looked at the blanket and instantly got excited. The name "Speedy" is the name his grandmother used to call him because he would call her "Slow Poke". The number "24" is his favorite baseball player Miguel Cabrera as well as the year that both of his grandparents were born. The initials "E.T & F.T" are his grandparents initials. He asked,"wait why is my name on it" and I told him it was for him and when he saw the nickname he just broke out in tears and kept saying "Oh my goodness". He just kept staring at the blanket and eventually kneeled at the foot of the bed and just put his head down. Once he lifted his head back up he just looked at me and kept thanking me. He was so emotional. I had never seen him cry before, even when his grandparents passed away. He gave me the biggest hug and kept thanking me for the gift. That just made all the work worthwhile.
  8. I crocheted this blanket a few years ago as a surprise for a friend. She named her son Aero and the theme of the shower was airplanes. It turns out the colors of the shower were the exact same as the blanket and I had no idea. She was crying when she saw it.
  9. Thanks for the kind words everyone!
  10. When I was a child I remember my aunt always loved doing puzzles. Every time I would go to her house she would have thousands of pieces just waiting for completion. So, last year my cousin asked me to create a blanket for her for Christmas. I decided to do a puzzle blanket with the names of her children in each puzzle piece. She absolutely loved it!
  11. This is a blanket and pillow set I did for my client. She wanted an heirloom blanket for her granddaughter.
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